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How to Permanently Erase Text Messages from iPhone

Summary:Finding a way to erase deleted text messages and existing iMessages from iPhone,iPad permanently?Different from factory reset your iPhone (100% Recovery Rate), In this article, you can wipe all data on iPhone,iPad,even no data recovery software can recover the erased SMS back,in order to prevent your personal messages store in ios devices from being stolen after resaled.

Keeping text messages private may seem like a pretty simple task, but more often than not, those embarrassing and incriminating texts can still be accessed even when you delete them from your iPhone.

Too many people want to erase text messages from iPhone before selling it,offer more space for iPhone,or avoid exposing it to their honey and other reason.

As far as I know, many people only choose the Delete option or resetting the factory settings to delete some files which they do not need. But to be honest, both of these two methods can not permanently delete files. So what can you do to protect your iPhone data privacy?

Erase SMS Messages from iPhone before Selling

In order to erase the message without restoring before selling the old iPhone, you can use the iPhone SMS Eraser or iPhone Data Recovery tool, which are professional third-party software that specifically designed to erase deleted and existing data on iPhone,iPad permanently.

Part 1. Permanently Deleted SMS from iPhone via iPhone Data Eraser

The iPhone Data Eraser is a special rods data erase tool to erase iPhone/iPod/ iPad SMS permanently, as well as contacts, videos, photos, notes, call logs, Apple ID and other private data, and there is no data recovery software that can recover deleted files on your iPhone, iPad. Follow the steps below to learn how to delete messages from iPhone 7/SE/6/5s/5/4s/4/5c without restored.

Step 1.Install and Run The iPhone Data Eraser Program

First of all,you need to Install and launch the program on your computer. You can see the program detects your iPhone automatically if you Connect iPhone with your computer via its USB cable.

Erase SMS on iPhone Permanently

Step 2.Start to Scan

On the left side of the software interface, you can see several delete mode can be selected, where you only need to select “Erase Deleted Files”,then click”Start”,And Removal Tool will start to analyze and scan your iPhone,After that, all of your personal data and deleted data will be displayed on the panel.

Delete All SMS on iPhone Permanently

Step 3.Delete Text Messages on iPhone without restoring

After the scan is finished, you can preview all the data detected and marked messages you want to delete. Click ‘Erase Now’ to delete text messages from your iPhone completely.

erase sms from iphone permanently

Tips: This deletion is unrecoverable, please make sure your iPhone data have been backup, when you click Delete, you iTunes backup will be deleted.

wipe all iPhone SMS before selling

OK, the above are the operations of how to erase erase text messages from iPhone Permanently. Sincerely hope it can help you a lot.

Part 2. Wipe iPhone Text Messages without Recovery by iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovey is another tool to permanently wipe everything from iPhone, including contacts, SMS/iMessages, pictures, videos, call history, documents, etc. Below you can erase your messages from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 permanently after downloading.

Step 1.Open the iPhone Data Recovery and Start

First, you need to install and run the iOS Private Data Eraser program on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer via its cable, you will see the following interface. What you need to do is to move to “More Tools”, and then select “iOS Private Data Eraser” option.

erase sms from iphone permanently

Step 2.Scan Your iPhone Data

Next, you will go into the scanning process after selecting data you need and clicking the “Start Scan” button. Your device will be detected automatically .

erase sms from iphone permanently

Step 3.Select Messages to Dalete

After the scanning process is completed, all data will be displayed on the window. You can choose text messages to delete permanently .

erase sms from iphone permanently

Deleted data are irrecovable, so make sure your decision is right. Simply enter the “Delete” and then click on “Erase now” to confirm.

erase sms from iphone permanently

Success, your deleted contacts will not be restored.

erase sms from iphone permanently

well done! Then you will see a screen with “Erase Completed” message.

erase sms from iphone permanently

Free download the iOS Full Data Eraser:

What’s More about The iPhone Data Eraser:

This iPhone Data Eraser allows you to Eraser All Data/Already Deleted Files from iPhone, and it delete all types of contents permanently including:
Text Messages, Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, Videos, Safari Favorites, Apps, System Settings, Call History, Safari History, Apple ID and so on.Have a try! You will find iPhone Data Eraser is such a efficacious partner for your life.

The applied iPhone Data wipe tips you may be interested:

You will never know who will get your old iPhone and what he will do with your private data for example the photos you used to saved on the phone after you selling the iPhone to him. To permanently wipe out your iPhone photos, the most reliable way is using third-party software like The iPhone Data Eraser, which is specially designed for iPhone users to wipe all data, including photos,contacts,emails, account info, passwords, text messages, videos, and so on.From iPhone with zero recovering possibility.

This article will teach you to remove junk files from your slow iPhone completely and clean up iPhone’s app cache to speed up iPhone.

Before erase your iPhone SMS messages,you can transfer SMS from iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Note, HTC One M8,M9, Sony, LG and other Andriod phone directly,and then use iPhone data eraser to delete SMS from your iPhone before selling it.

Before factory reset your iPhone or erase data on your iPhone,you can use a iPhone Backup and Restore tool to backup text messages,iMessages,contacts,photos and more from iPhone to comptuer,and then restore them back to your iPhone after it done.

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