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How to Clean and Speed Up Your Slow Old iPhone/iPad

I used my iPhone 5s have been 1 years already.Recently the iPhone running slowly and I open some software will flash back not only once which seriously interfered my life and sometimes even when I need to make some notes on my iPhone to record the job content will encounter difficulties ,that affected my work and I can suffer it any longer!Can anyone please tell me that How can I clean up my iPhone 5s in order to make it running faster?”-asked by Daisy

iPhone one of the most high ending device from Apple, iPhone is equipped with powerful and latest specs and features which makes it one of the most popular and demanded Smart phone across the globe. iPhone is a device which everyone thinks that they could own. Apple’s app store iTunes offering thousands of apps, game music and videos for iPhone which you can easily download and use all this app and games runs smoothly on your iPhone. With the time your iPhone might have slowed down and might have been giving you a problem but there is no need to worry as we are here to help you out of this problem. In this article we are going to tell you how to speed up your slow iPhone with some simple steps.How to clean up your iPhone and space saver on your iPhone become a concerned topic around iPhone users.

Speed Up a Slow Old iPhone and iPad

The useful guide to clean up your iPhone:You can choice one and have a try.

Solution 1:Upgrade the iOS system:

Some changes included Apple iOS system.It can help improve the overall performance of iPhone. If you have not upgraded, it is recommended that you will rise to 9.1 system. The current version can 9.1 perfect escape.

Solution 2:Close background applications refresh:

iOS9 brings a new feature called background application refreshed. While it may make application at the lowest power consumption in the case down to do some cool things, such as refresh application content in the background, but still need to keep your iPhone to run these processes. iPhone users the best choice is to close all the background applications refresh, but the system also supports a separate application for each control.

Solution 3:Reduce transparency and dynamic effects:

While the iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/4s support the parallax effect. Fortunately, users can turn off the dynamic effects and transparency. These two options can help reduce the graphics resources required, and to help improve system speed of navigation. It should be noted that the option to turn off transparency is among the first to join in iOS 9, so you will need to upgrade to this version to turn off the feature.

Solution 4: Clean up and speed up your iPhone with iOS Optimizer tool

Clean and Speed Up Your Slow iPhone/iPad with iOS Data Eraser

Clean up all junk file and uninstall Apps on your iPhone,iPad permanently with the iPhone iPad Data Eraser (an iPhone iPad Optimizer tool),and Speed Up your iPhone, You can use this iOS Data Eraser to achieve it,and make your device working as quickly as a new one. The iOS Data Eraser allows you delete cache data such as log files, photos, videos, iTunes syncing files, downloaded documents and junks that are generated by apps.

Detect and display apps that you haven’t used for 30 days, allowing you to check unwanted ones and uninstall them from your iPhone, helping you save more storage on your device for new items.

Step 1: Run the iOS Data Eraser and Connect iPhone to PC/Mac

After run the iOS Data Eraser on your Mac,you can see the main interface as below:
Run the tool after you download and install it. Then, connect your iPhone to the Mac via Apple provided USB cable and you will see the program detect the iPhone automatically once the connection is successful. However, if the program can’t detect the device, please make sure iPhone USB driver and iTunes are installed properly on the computer.Then choose to erase all data on device or just erase deleted files.


Step 2: Begin to scanning all data on your iPhone

The program provides you with three different levers for erasing data: Low – Medium – High. You can directly choose the default second Medium lever, which will leave no traceability of data erasure and use random data to overwrite all existing and deleted data on your iPhone.


Step 3: Start to erase junk files from your iPhone permanently,clean up and speed up your iPhone.

Click on the “Start” button to begin erasing your junk files from iPhone.


I guess that you have cleaned up and accelerated your iPhone when the above procedure are done.Congratulations!From now on you don’t need to upset for the snail iPhone as running.


In addition,you can use your iPhone to do any complicated subject as you like!

With the sun shining and in greet of winter you’ve likely started decluttering your closets and basements. If you need a break from all that indoor work, it might be time to step away and do the same for your iPhone. The article are some easy tips to give your trusted iPhone a winter cleaning of its own.I hope you will love it!Thanks a lot!

Free download the iOS Optimizer Tool:

More information about iOS Data Eraser:

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