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How to Delete Text Messages from iPhone Permanently

Nowaday, thanks to data recovery tool, we can easily recover deleted SMS from iPhone, however, you will find that it’s difficult to completely delete text messages on your iPhone without restored. I also met such a situation.

Marcus is my good friend, he is a lawyer, Alyssa is a new receptionist in his law firm. Because of the work, Marcus and Alyssa meet everyday, their relationship is becoming close. Marcus often hide from his wife to send text messages with Alyssa, and often date secretly. Later, Marcus found he still loves his wife, he don’t have the heart to hurt his wife, he decided to break up with Alyssa, and fired her. All the things have been resolved on the surface, but how to permanently delete all the text messages which sent with Alyssa from his iPhone has been bothering him, even if he had deleted several times, but they still showing up in the spotlight search on iPhone. Is it possible to erase the deleted iPhone text messages without being found by Marcus’s wife and restored?

Heaven never seals off all the exits, thanks to iPhone Data Eraser or iPhone Data Recovery tool, you are never too late to delete your privated information before being found or restored by someone. Both of them are capable of permanently erasing SMS from iPhone device, such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6S/6, iPhone 5S/5c/5, iPhone 4S/4 and so on. Besides text messages, those are used to wipe other data like contacts, photos, videos, call logs, apps with iOS 10/9.3.5/9.3.3/9.3/9.2/9, etc.

Part 1. How to Permanently Delete iPhone SMS by iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone Data Eraser a professional yet easy-to-use data wiping software apply to erase already deleted and existing messages from iPhone, iPad permanently.What’s more,you can use the iOS Data Eraser to delete all data from iPhone, including contacts, text messages, photos, music, apps, Apple ID, call history, Note & Reminder, Keyboard Cache, Email and other personal information with a click. Those deleted contents can’t be recovered even using the most powerful data recovery software. So, please remember to backup useful messages to PC if your have decide to erase your iPhone.

Why not download a trial version below so as to restore your privacy freedom? Try it for free.

Step 1.Manually delete text messages on your iPhone

Before using the iPhone Data Eraser, first of all, you need to manually delete the text messages those you want to permanently delete on your iPhone.

Here, you ought to tap Messages app > tap Edit > tap the read circle, then you can remove the whole conversation from your iPhone. Of course, you can also delete any message in this conversation via tapping to open a conversation. If done, please skip to the next step.

delete iPhone SMS

Step 2.Launch the iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone

Install and run the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer after downloading. Naturally, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer as so you can scan and erase your text messages.

iPhone SMS Eraser

Step 3.Scan the previous deleted text messages

Once your iPhone is recognized, click “Erase Deleted Files” in the left menu bar, and then click “Start”, the program will automatically scan and analyze all the previous deleted files on your iPhone.

Delete SMS on iPhone permanently

Step 4.Permanently delete text messages from iPhone

After a while, if the scanning is complete, all the found result will show to you, you are allowed to mark the data you want to remove, not just messages, but also contacts, photos and so on, then click “Erase Now” to permanently delete them on your iPhone.

erase sms on iPhone permanently

In addition, may be some users planning to buy a new phone and resell their old iPhone, if you want to permanently remove all data and settings on your iPhone before selling, here, you ought to choose “Erase All Data” and following the program to restore it as a white paper.

delete iPhone sms before selling

Free download the iPhone Data Eraser and have a try!

Part 2. How to Permanently Wipe iPhone Messages via iOS Full Data Eraser

Recently, iOS Full Data Eraser adds a new feature, that is, except to restoring deleted data, it also support you to completely and permanently wipe text messages from iPhone, as well as contacts, photos, call logs, videos, etc. Follow the steps below and find out how to erase messages from iPhone without recovery.

Step 1.Download and Install the Program on PC

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery program on your computer after installing. Then make a connection between your iPhone and computer.You need to select “iOS Peivate Data Eraser” option from “More Tools”.

remove SMS from iPhone permanently

Step 2.Start Scan Your Data on iPhone

Once you have successfully completed the connection,, the scanning process will start by clicking the “Start Scan” button. The program will detect your device automatically.

remove iPhone messages permanently

Step 3.Select Messages to Delete

After that, all the data will be found, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes, etc. Then click the “Erase from the Device” button to permanently delete them if you have selected messages you need.

permanently delete iphone text messages

Here you need to confirm you choose the data is correct, because once completed, your data will be unrecoverable.

permanently delete iphone text messages

As you can see, your selected data is erasing now.

permanently delete iphone text messages

While, all steps have been completed and and your selected data has been completely removed.

permanently delete iphone text messages

More Features of iPhone Data Eraser:

Permanently Wipe Private Data
iPhone Data Eraser app makes sure the private data will be rendered unrecoverable, completely destroy data.

Clean Junk Files and Speed Up iOS Devices
Directly and fast remove the junk files from your iPhone, iPad and iPod, freeing up the space for your iDevice.3 steps to Speed Up Your Slow Old iPhone/iPad

Free up Space for your iPhone,iPad
iOS Data Eraser app enables you to backup the data to your computer while compressing the copies left on your iPhone, saving your space without quality loss.

Support All iOS Devices and iOS System
It works well with all iOS devices including iPhone 6s(plus),iPhone 6(plus), iPhone SE iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPad and iPod,comptiable with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and the latest iOS 10.

Support Erase Data from Android Devices
Fully delete messages from Android phone before selling,you can wipe the existing data from Android and clear the previously deleted files and history. This program also can help you permanently erase everyting from Samsung, HTC, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Motorala and so on.

The iPhone Data Eraser can help you delete note data on iPhone,iPad permanently,when you plan to selling the old iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6,you can use this data eraser tool to wipe all private notes from the old iPhone,in order to protect your important notes never be stolen.

Erase already deleted data on iPhone permanently without restored by this iPhone Data Erasr tool,it also can help you delete everything from iPhone and iPad even no data recovery tool can restore them back,such as contacts,videos,photos,iMessages,text messages, Apple ID, call history,ect.

If you want to backup SMS, contacts, photos and other data from iPhone,iPad to computer,you can follow this use guide to transfer text messages, contacts and more from iPhone to computer directly.

If you deleted contacts on iPhone by careless,you can use this iPhone data recovery to recover deleted or lost contacts from iPhone,or restore iPhone contacts from iTunes/iCloud backups.

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