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[Fixed]Samsung Lock Screen Removal

I activated the fingerprint lock on my Samsung Galaxy S5.I don’t the response so I tried to return the phone to no lock.When I go to the ‘screen lock type’ screen,it does not offer Swipe or None, they are there but in lightened font.Help!!! I just want to return the phone to no lock.I was able to remove the fingerprints but now the Screen Lock Type screen only offers pattern, pin, password or fingerprints.I want None…but it is in lightened font and says “Turned off by administrator, encryption policy or credential storage”.Any help is welcome.-Pamela


If you wanna disable the lock screen in Samsung due to forgot you password, pattern drill or more other unexpected reasons, the are two ways to bypass the security:1.You can log-in on your phone by Google account registered on this phone.You must be connected to a WiFi network that you have used before.2.You can do factory/hard reset on lock screen Samsung phone.By doing this you will erase all personal information from the phone and you will back it to its original factory state.So is anyway to get Samsung out of the lock screen?Certainly!

Best way to unlock Samsung phone is with Android Lock Screen Removal software that available on removing Samsung lock screen efficiently and safely.This software provide security function that helps Samsung users to disable lock screen Samsung is just a few simple steps away.You can help yourself to do the Samsung lock screen removal job in any urgent time without Google account or do factory/hard reset on lock screen Samsung.Furthermore,Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery supports to remove lock screen on various of Android phones,including Samsung,HTC,Lenovo,Motorola,Xiaomi,etc.

[Guide]Steps on Samsung Lock Screen Removal

Step 1.Choose “Android Lock Screen Removal”
Firstly,launch Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery and go to “More Tools”.Then click “Android Lock Screen Removal”.

remove samsung lock screen

This Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery allows you to remove the password of PIN,patterns, password and fingerprint on your Samsung.Connect your phone and click “Start” to begin.

remove samsung lock screen

Step 2.Enter the Download Mode on Lock Samsung
Follow the instructions on the program to get the Samsung phone into Download Mode.
-Power off the phone.
-Press and hold volume down + home button + power button at the same time.
-Press the volume up to enter download mode.

remove samsung lock screen

Step 3.Download Recovery Package
After you get your Samsung into the download mode,it will begin downloading recovery package next.Just wait until it’s complete.

remove samsung lock screen

Step 4.Unlock the Lock Screen on Samsung
When the recovery package downloading is complete,the Samsung lock screen removal process begins without losing data on your phone.Once the whole progress is over after a few minutes,the screen lock on your Samsung will be successfully removed and you can view all your data on the device freely.

remove samsung lock screen

As with most settings and options on a device, this completely depends on the users specific needs. Some might want or even need the security of a lock screen,while others find it a nuisance. However,with smartphones and tablets becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, not to mention having access to Gmail, Facebook,Twitter, Banking apps and more,some level of security would be a good idea.

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