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Erase junk files on iPhone completely to Speed Up iPhone

Is your iPhone increasingly sluggish than the time you got it? The longer you use your device, the slower it gets. Why? That’s because a lot of apps are occupying a large amount of storage space and the cache files generated by app slows down your device significantly.Further more, the longer you use your device, them more junk files your device will have. Both of them are reason for your phone run more and more slowly.

As an iPhone user, you should be more aware that device memory space could often be at a premium. Actually, clearing app caches and erase junk files on your iPhone could be better option to help you enjoy more valuable device space while speed up your phone. However, even thouge you erase junks and clean up iPhone’s app cache directly. There still have some programe on your iPhone that always make some of you already deleted data appear again at your iPhone. Erase junk files and clean up iPhone’s app cache directly from iPhone can not delete your junk files permanently. Though you cannot see them display on your iPhone, they still exist in somewhere on your iPhone, occupying your memory storage,making your iDevice run more and more slowiy.

All in all,read the text, you will learn how to erase junk files on iPhone and completely clean up iPhone’s app cache to Speed Up iPhone. Firstly, you should delete junk files and iPhone’s app cache permanently. Here, I strongly recommend you to use iOS Data Eraser to achieve your aspirations. It is a wonderful program to erase junk files and speed up your iPhone, also it can help you clean up iPhone’s app cache completely. What’s more, this software also can erase photos, SMS,contacts,videos,ect.Automatically, after erasing and cleaning, your iPhone device will be speed up.

Clean Up Junk Files On iPhone and Speed Up Your iPhone

To help thousands of iPhone, iPad users to clean up more device storage space by removing a large number of app caches, iOS Data Eraser was uniquely designed to clean up and removing those space-consuming app caches, you can clean up to 40% extra space on iPhone, iPad, thus well speed up your iDevice. That matters a lot to your iDevice which is short of space.

Step 1 Install Safewiper iOS Eraser and Connect Your iDevice to PC

Tips: This iPhone Data Eraser works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac OS X, so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issue. Please download the right file from the above link according to your computer’s OS. And then install the software on your computer by following the default instructions. The program will be opened automatically when the installation is completed.

Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Please make sure iPhone USB driver and iTunes were installed correctly, as it’s a must to run the software later.

erase junk files on iphone

Step 2 Select “1-Click Cleanup” Option from Sidebar

As you see, there are a couple of options displayed on the left side. Each option is designed for different purposes. In this case, click the ‘1-Click Cleanup’, which will remove files logs, temp files, junk files, search history, browsing history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the StartScan to let the program scan the junk fules on the devices. The scanning process takes a bit of time, please be patient.

clean iphone junk file

Step 3 Start to Scan the Junk Files from Your Device

At this step, it will deeply scan your device for all juck files, it may take some time based on the size of the juck files. Please wait a minute , keep your device connected during the whole process. You can pause the scanning at any time by clicking the ‘Stop’ button.

Erase junk files on iPhone completely

Step 4 Start to Clean Up the Junk Files from iPhone or iPad Device

Once the scanning is complete, the application will display the total amount of junk files your device contained, you can easily select the junk files you want to clean up, to make sure the files are accurately junk, you can simply view the details by checking the blue file button. Then click the ‘Erase Now’ to start to the erasing process.


It will not take much of your time to finish the whole cleaning process, just wait for a moment. When the clean finished, it will display the cleanup results in details as below, you can click the ‘Rescan’ scan your device for one more tine.;

Note :Don’t Forget to Erase ‘Alreadly Deleted‘ Fils from Your Devices

When you perform ‘Deletion‘ action on your devices, your files like photos, contacts, messages are not actually deleted. Instead, iOS system will mark the space they occupy as free and waits new data to overwrite them, so it ‘s extremely easy for you and others to retrieve deleted data from your iOS devices with data recovery programs. So, I highly recommend you to completely erase your sensitive data on your devices, this iOS Eraser program provides users with 4 erasing options that can permanently wipe your data.

Erase junk files on iPhone permanently

Free download the iPhone data eraser:

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