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How To Backup and Restore Text Messages from iPhone 7/6S/6

Backup iPhone 6s data always been an interesting phenomenon. There are many reasons why you should backup your iPhone 6s data especially text message.

Create full archives of your devices including every bit of data, every document and all media – never lose a beautiful memory again.

Backup And Restore Text Messages On iPhone 6S

Manage and store multiple backups of your devices with our Backup Archive feature – you can revert your device to any specific moment you created an archive for Save backups in any desired location – have your latest backup at hand and archive all previous ones on a dedicated storage device

Selectively choose what to restore – whether you are under time or storage space constraints, you can choose to restore the essentials only

Music and Video libraries handled separately to avoid duplicates and save space on your hard drive

iTunes and iCloud makes a easy backup inherently your iOS device, when you have enough space to store all the files easier. Unfortunately, people still seem to have a lot of questions about backing up their new iPhone 6s.

One of the biggest problem, which seems to always come up with the iPhone 6s text messages.You can restore your lost text messages from iTunes and iCloud,but it is not viable for everyone to solve the problem if you don’t back up your text messages.

Looking for A powerful iPhone Text Messages Transfer tool? The iPhone SMS Backup tool, is an easy-to-use SMS backup tool for iPhone 6s,it can help you easily backup your iPhone 6s text messages to computer.

If you want to backup contacts and other data from iPhone 6s to computer,you can use the iPhone to Computer Transfer tool, iOS Data Backup & Restore or Mobile Transfer tool,both allows you transfer photos, songs, videos, apps, contacts, call histories, notes, bookmarks and more from iPhone 7/6s/iPhone 6/iPhone 5s to computer.

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to back up your text messages and instant messaging from your iPhone 6s. We’ll also tell you how to import these messages back when you deleted it by mistaken in case. I’ll take you step by step in the whole process.

At the beginning ,please according your computer operating system click the download process button below.

Part 1: How to Directly Backup iPhone 7/6S/6 Text Messages to Computer

Step 1. Run the iPhone SMS backup tool

Launch iPhone 6s Data Transfer program, it will automatically take you to the home screen where you will be given 3 options: Phone to Phone Transfer, Backup and Restore. To back up your text messages from iPhone 6s to your computer, select the backup option in green.

backup iphone sms to computer

Step 2. Select iPhone text message and iMessages to backup

The following screen will allow you to select which items you would like to back up onto your computer. Before you do so, connect your iPhone 6s to computer by using the USB cord. Once connected, notice your iPhone name will be appearing as the source located in the top left of the screen. It would take some time for the program to load all the data inside your iPhone. Once completed, the data can be backed up checkbox is automatically ticked. If you simply would like to backup text message and iMessages, uncheck the other boxes.

transfer iphone text messages to pc

On the right side of the pane, you will also have the option to change or choose the location of the backup data. Select the [backup] button that appears beneath the computer icon and select the location where you would like all data to be saved.

After making sure text messages are chosen, click Start Copy button in the middle bottom. During this time, make sure your iPhone is not disconnected from the computer.

Step 3. Backup the iPhone text messages from iPhone 6s to your computer

When the extracting process is done, you will get the pop up message Copy Completed. Click OK, the backup folder will automatically open. If you did not customize the backup path, the directory should be C:\Users\anv\Documents\Syncios Data Transfer\Backup\yourdevicename+date\Sms\

Double click SMS folder, all backup information are inside, screenshot, attachments, text messages, the text are in backup file, double click to view it in Notepad or copy them to Word file.

Cause the new released iPhone 6s is a new generation of mobile phones, you may rub your iPhone 6s text message on a few unexpected situation by mistaken, you will feel frustrate when you are get trouble.Here is my suggestion,The iPhone data recovery can rescue your iPhone 6s, it can restore your text messages on your iPhone 6s even if the data without backup before.

Free download the iPhone SMS backup software and have a try!

Part 2: How to Restore Deleted SMS/iMessages from iPhone 7/6S/6

iPhone iPad Data Recovery not only can help you backup and export data between ios devices and computer,but also provides you three recovery modes to restore text messages from iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s/5 devices: Recover SMS from iPhone 7/6S /6 directly; retrieve previous data by extracting iTunes backup; extract and restore lost SMS from iCloud backup files.

Step 1:Connect iPhone 6s to computer and run the iPhone 6s Data Recovery
Launch the program and connect your iPhone 6s to computer. Then it will begin to detect your iPhone automatically.

recover deleted sms from iPhone

Step 2:Preview and recover lost text messages from iPhone 6s
After scanning, it will display all found data and files in categories as below. You can then choose the SMS messages you want to recover and then restore them to computer by clicking “Recover” button.

restore lost messages from iphone 6

Beagin to recover deleted SMS from iPhone

recover iphone sms

Sweet tips: Data found here includes deleted data and those still in your iPhone. If you only need the deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to display deleted items only.

From now on ,you don’t need to be serious to deleted text messages on your iPhone 6s by accidentally! No matter why your data get loss,The humanize iPhone Data Recovery gets it all back on iPhone 6s just by several easy steps. The software is an amazing iOS data recovery tool for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus,iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS user. You do not have to worry about losing the iPhone data cause the device is damaged, jailbreaking, upgrading and other reason.

The Useful iPhone Data Tutorial You May Be Interested:

back up and restore contacts from iPhone:In many times,you may be erase important information such as contacts data with mistaken after upgrading or jailbreaking.Many iPhone users may ask is it possible to restore deleted contacts on iPhone 6s?The answer is YES.Actually,you can use the iPhone data recovery to restore all the erased contacts on iPhone 6s directly.

This article teach you how to backup data and restore after factory reset iPhone.We will introduce you two methods to backup and restore contacts,sms,photos,videos and more from iPhone SE/6S/6 without iTunes ,with the help of iPhone Data Backup & Restore tool.

This article teach you just 1-Click to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone, 100% Safe and Risk-free,including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs between two iPhones.

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