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How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos & Videos from iPhone to Android phone

WhatsApp is the core of communication tools, tend to “free SMS” application, weakened social, WhatsApp and phone contacts deep integration, the user can use without registration, the user’s account number is the mobile phone number, do not need to manually add friends do not need each other through Agree, after installation can immediately send information to each other, and the contact name is the name of the phone directory, the user to use and the traditional mobile phone text messages no different. WhatsApp because the function is simple, so open fast, small program, the use of less traffic, the experience is “fast”, open fast, and mobile phone text messages as fast as micro letter as bloated, huge and slow.

More and more people use WhatsApp chat with their friends for free,no matter you use iPhone, BlackBerry,Nokia or Android phone,like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Google Nexus, Meizu, Huawei,ZTE,ect.You may install a WhatsApp app to chat with you friends.If you have charge your old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s with a new Android phone,like Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, Note 7,Note 5,A9, HTC One M9/M8, Motorola Nexus 6/5X,ect,how can you transfer WhatsApp messages, photos & videos from iPhone, iPad to Android?

How to Transfer WhatsApp Images & Videos from iPhone to Android?

Many WhatsApp users may ask similar question:”how to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone 5S to Samsung Galaxy S7?”,”Any way to move iPhone WhatsApp videos to Galaxy Note 7?”,”Is it possible to transfer photos in WhatsApp chat history from iPhone 6 to Galaxy S7 Edge?”

When you switch contacts,sms,photos,videos,call history,Apps from iPhone to Android with Phone to Phone Transfer, Samsung Smart Switch, Google cound,but how can we transfer WhatsApp photos & videos,messages from iPhone to Android phone?To move WhatsApp chat history(messages,photos,videos) from iPhone to Android phone,we can use a third-party iOS to Android WhatsApp Transfer tool,this is the phone data transfer tool we introduced today,which can help you transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android directly.

Solution for WhatsApp Pictures & Videos Transfer from iOS to Android

iPhone Data Recovery is not only a tool that can recover iPhone WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, SMS, contacts, notes,but also an WhatsApp data transfer tool for users move data pictures & videos in WhatsApp from iPhone to Android directly.What’s more,it also allows you backup WhatsApp messages from iOS and restore to Android or iPhone/iPad devices easily.Before update/jailbreak/factory reset your iPhone,you can this iPhone Data Recovery program to backup your WhatsApp data from iPhone to computer. Let’s teach you the guide to transfer photos&videos in WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

Let’s take transferring iPhone WhatsApp data to Android Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 for example

Part 1:Transfer WhatsApp Pictures & Videos from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6

Step 1.Run the Program Select WhatsApp Transfer Mode
First of all,please download and install the iPhone Data Recovery program on to your computer,we also provides iPhone Data Recovery(Mac) for Macbook, Macbook Air/Pro, iMac users to backup,transfer WhatsApp on Mac. Then select “More tools” >> Select “iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” >> “Transfer WhatsApp messages” from the main window as below.

transfer whatsapp photos,videos from iPhone to Android

When installation is completed, you will have the interface as below. Select “Transfer WhatsApp messages“.

transfer iPhone Whatsapp data to Android

Step 2.Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 to PC
Now connect your iPhone (iPhone 6 for example) and Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 for example) to the computer with two USB cable. Then tap and trust the computer,then let the program detect the two mobile phone devices connected successfully.

transfer iPhone Whatsapp data to Android

Step 3.Transfer Photos and Videos in WhatsApp to Samsung Galaxy S7
When connection is finished, click the “Transfer” button to begin the moving process,at this time,the program will pop-up a windows asks you to confirm the transmission. Select the “Yes” button to confirm it.

transfer iPhone Whatsapp photos to Android

Note:Please note that the existing WhatsApp messages on will be wiped out in the Samsung Galaxy S7.However,you can back up WhatsApp data in Samsung before transmission. Or all your WhatsApp conversations on Android phone may lost forever.

Step 4.Restore WhatsApp Pictures & Videos from iPhone to Android Samsung Galaxy S7
When the transferring process completed!You will see the following confirmation window,please click “Restore” button on the windows to confirm the transmission is finished.

transfer iPhone Whatsapp videos to Android

Now your can sing in your WhatsApp account and view the chats history, photos & videos on your Android phone.If you have backup WhatsApp messages before,the Android Data Recovery program also can help you restore WhatsApp images & videos from the backup.

Free download the iPhone Data Recovery begin move WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android:

Part 2:Restore WhatsApp Photos & Videos to Android from the backup

The Android Data Recovery not only allows user recover Android lost WhatsApp messages, photos,videos, contacts, text messages, but also enables users backup and restore WhatsApp messages on Android easily.However,if you have make WhatsApp data backed up before,you can restore WhatsApp photos and videos to Android phone or another Android devices.

Free download the Android Data Backup & Restore & Recovery:

Step 1.Connect Android to Computer and Run Android Data Recovery
After downloading and running the program on your computer,then connect your Android phone to it,and click “More tools”>> “Android Data Backup & Restore”,you can see the main interface as below.

backup and restore whatsapp messages on Android

Step 2.Select WhatsApp Data Backup Feature
In this step,please click “Backup” button to select “WhatsApp” of “Application” and “Application data“.

backup whatsapp photos,videos on Android

Step 3.Begin Backup WhatsApp Data(Photos&Videos) on Android
Then click the “Backup” button start to backup WhatsApp chat history and other WhatsApp data from Android to computer.

backup whatsapp chat history from Android to computer

When the backing up processing complete, you can view the backup history and view the app backed up data on the program. Although you cannot see the details about the app data but you can see the size of it.

Finish Backup WhatsApp Chat History from Android and View the back files

View the WhatsApp Backed up History

View Backed Up WhatsApp App data

backup Android whatsapp data to computer

Step 4.Restore WhatsApp Images & Videos to Android from the backup
If you want to restore the backed up WhatsApp photos & videos data to the same Android or another Android phone that you have made,please connect the Android phone to computer,then find out the backup history and preview as above,click “Restore” button to restore them to your Android phones or tables.

View the Backed up History

View the WhatsApp Backed up History

Restore WhatsApp pictures & videos from the backup

restore whatsapp photos,videos to Android

Tips:The Android Data Recovery also can help you backup & restore other data from Android phones or tables on PC/Mac directly,including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, call logs, documents and more.Now,please free download the program and have a try before you want to purchase it!

And if you haven’t backup WhatsApp data before and deleted them by accidentally, you can use this all-in-one Android Data Backup & Restore & Recovery to recover WhatsApp messages back.Please learnt he tutorial about How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Android.

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