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How to Transfer Contacts from Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S7/ Galaxy S7 Edge

“How to transfer large numbers of phone numbers from Android to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? Last weekend, I went to the countryside with my friends, but my HTC One was broken, so I bought another Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and now I want to copy all important phone numbers to my new Samsung phone, I want to quickly transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.Is it possible between Android and Samsung phone?” — Asked by Pen.

Having a new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? The first thing that you’ll probably to do is move all the phone numbers and other contact information data from your old Android to the new Galaxy S7,S6. You will realize the inconvenience of transferring contacts from old phone to the new Galaxy S7/S6. Here we just want to find a useful bridge for users to link Android and Samsung mobile so that users can directly share the data between these two different mobile phones. There are large number of contacts stored on your old Android phone, and you’ve just got a new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 device, you’ll be very excited to run it, but you can’t simply transfer your personal contacts from Android to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/A7/A9. Don’t worry about that. This article maily teach you an easy way to copy contacts from Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S6 directly.

The Android to Samsung Galaxy S7 Contacts Transfer – Phone Transfer provides a direct way to transfer Android contacts to Galaxy S6/S7. What’s more, pictures, SMS, videos, Notes, Whatsapp messages and so on are supported to switch by this app. The following models are supported: HTC, LG, ZTE, Huwwei, Samsung, iPhone 4S/5S/6/6S/6S, Motorola, etc. Following this article, you can learn how to transfer contacts file between Android Phone and Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/Note 5.

How to Sync Contacts from Android HTC to Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge

Step 1. Run Phone Transfer on Your Computer

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, you should launch it. Then the interface as follow will be showed on your computer, you need to select “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to samsung galaxy s7

Step 2. Connect Android & Samsung Galaxy S6 to PC

Connecting HTC and your Galaxy S7 edge to your computer with USB cables. Then the program will detect for your phones. HTC is shown on the left side of the interface as “Source” and Samsung Galaxy S7 on the right selected as “Destination”.

copy android contacts to galaxy s7

Step 3. Begint o Copy Contacts from HTC to Samsung S7 Edge

Contacts, videos, images, music and text messages can be transferred to Samsung Galaxy S6 with the help of Phone Transfer as you can see in the following window. Then, choose the “Contacts” and click “Start Copy” button. After the process is finished, click “OK”.

transfer contacts from android to galaxy s7

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