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Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7

Last year, Samsung did something memorable with the Note line. For the first time ever, it split the new generation into two separate entities, two new Note phones. One was the regular Note 4 – the standard, feature-packed upgrade to the Note 3 that all of us expected. The other, however, managed to take us by surprise. It was another Note, very similar to the Note 4, yet markedly unique and way more futuristic. That second handset was called Galaxy Note Edge, and its main standout characteristic was that the right-hand edge of its sizable screen was curved inwards towards the back of the body. Samsung made sure that this so-called Edge screen served some practical purpose, but it was more or less an experiment, devised to find out how the consumer is going to react to Samsung’s promising new technology.

“I find Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is useful, so I bought a new one.I am anxious about transferring data from HTC to my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge .Anyone have some convenient and quick way to solve this problem? My old HTC has many important memories.If you can help me I would appreciate.”—Oskar from Africa.

Transfer Contacts,SMS Data From Old HTC to Samsung Galaxy Phone

Now here is a good way ,it maybe can help you. The HTC to Samsung Galaxy TransferMobile Phone Transfer is a good tool to help you.It enables you to directly transfer data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7 effortlessly,including videos ,photos,contacts,test massages ,etc. Mobile Phone Data transfer not only Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S6 Edge(+) and Galaxy S7(Edge),but also support another type phone,including iPhone SE, iPhone 5/5S/6S/6S Plus ,Motorola and so on .You will learn to how to copy data from HTC One to new Galaxy S6/S7 by reading this article.

The Key Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S6/S7 Features:

-Support to transfer data,including Apps, calendar, photos, music, SMS, call logs and videos,contacts,etc.
-Transfer data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S6 Edge(+)/S7(Edge) ,also can transfer contacts between Android and iPhone.
-Sync Calendar,including friends’ birthday date ,important schedule and so on.

How to Transfer Data from HTC One to Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1:Run the Moble Phone Transfer on computer

You need to download and install the phone transfer software on a computer. The primary window will pop up like the sample below. Tap the Start under the Mobile Phone Transfer part.

Step 2. Connect the HTC and Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the computer

First of all,please run the Mobile Phone Data transfer on your computer. And then connect the HTC phone & Samsung Galaxy S devices to the computer by using USB cables. After detecting the devices, the Data transfer will show them side by side on its interface, which gives the users a clear view of how to operate this software

transfer 1

Step 3. Sync data from your HTC phone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Select those data you need to transfer in the content list on the middle part of the primary window of the software. Then just click “Start Copy” and wait the Data transfer finish its work.Make sure the connection won’t break during the transferring.

transfer 2

Soon you can check the data on your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and you will find the data are just the same like them on the old HTC. Nothing will miss or break.How great the Data transfer it is! Don’t be hesitated to transfer all your contacts, SMS text messages, videos, music, camera photos and calendars from your old HTC phone/tablet to new Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge +/ S5/S7/S7 Edge right now.

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