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How to Recover Photos and Videos from Google Nexus 6/5/4

“I accidentally deleted the entire photos and video folder from my Nexus 6. Those data are precious to me and my family, so I was wondering if there’s any data recovery tool that I can use to bring my pictures and videos back. How can I recover deleted photos&videos from my Android phone?”

Featuring high-megapixel camera and wonderful touch screen, Nexus 4/5/6 are quite popular among Android users. However, Accidents always happen inadvertently. Accidentally deleted photos, videos off your Nexus 6/5/4, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X. To you, those photos and videos are more valuable than the phone itself.

Apart from accidentally deletion, there are many reasons could cause the data loss, such as, factory reset/format your Nexus device; your phone/tablet is attacked by unknown virus; the phone stuck/freeze when you are rooting/updating/transferring and so on.

If you lost data due to the reasons mentioned above, I’m glad to tell you it is possible to get back the lost photos, videos from Nexus 6/5/4/5X/6P with a reliable Nexus photo recovery tool as long as the files haven’t been overwritten.

Android Data Recovery tool is designed to recover pictures&videos on Nexus 4/5/6/5X/6P due to corruption, deletion or format. It can also help you retrieve contacts, text messages, contacts, call history, music, and more from any Android device, such as HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Note 7/Note 5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3, Huawei P9/P8, etc.

To recover pictures and videos from your Nexus Android phone, we should firstly download the free trial of this Android Data Recovery.

Part 1. Directly Retrieve Photos&Videos from Nexus Android Phone

Step 1.Install the Program and Connect Your Nexus to PC

Start by installing the software. Launch it and connect your Nexus phone to the computer via an USB cable. Your Android Nexus phone will be detected by the program. Choose the “Android Data Recovery” option from the left column.

recover deleted photos from Google Nexus

If you haven’t turn on USB debugging mode, you’ll get a pop-up message on your Nexus phone asking you to enable it. If you’ve done this before, just skip this step.

recover deleted photos from Google Nexus

Step 2.Select Data to Scan

Select the type of data that you want to recover. If you need to get back photos and videos, just tick the box before “Gallery”. Then click “Next” to continue.

recover deleted videos on Google Nexus

Step 3.Analyze and Scan your Google Nexus for Lost Photos and Videos

Next, click “Allow” should be tapped on the phone to allow Android Data Recovery to work on your device. Then click “Start” on the software’s screen, the scanning will continue.

recover deleted videos on Google Nexus

The scanning process will begin automatically. Please wait a few minutes.

recover deleted photos from Google Nexus

Step 4.Preview and Recover Photos&Videos on Nexus 6/5/4

After that, you can preview all found pictures and videos in Gallery menu. Check and mark the data you want and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

recover deleted photos from Google Nexus

Part 2. Extract Nexus Android Images&Videos from Backup File

If you have backed up Nexus photos and videos by this Android Data Recovery tool, you can extract and restore to Nexus 6/5/4 from Backup files.

Step 1.Connect Your Google Nexus to PC

Launch the program on your computer, go to the “Android Data Backup & Restore” option from “More Tools”. Then connect your device to PC. If you have backed up before, where you can click on the “Restore” button to recover lost photos and videos from backups.

restore photos and videos to Nexus 4/5/6 from backups

Step 2.Select the Backup History

In this step, the backup history will be displayed on the window. Choose the one for your restoring and start.

restore photos and videos to Nexus 4/5/6 from backups

Contacts, messages, photos, videos and other files are list on the file list and click “Restore” to start restoring the backups to your Google Nexus 6/5/4/6P/5X or other Android phone.

restore photos and videos to Nexus 4/5/6 from backups

Click “OK” to allow authorization that the program will start the restoring process.

restore photos and videos to Nexus 4/5/6 from backups

Step 3.Successfully Restore to Nexus from Backups

At last, you have restored contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history data to Google Nexus from backups.

restore photos and videos to Nexus 4/5/6 from backups

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