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How to Capture/Record Android Screen

Taking screenshots of your phone is so easy, everyone can do it. What about taking a video of your Android screen? Nowadays, making video tutorial become one of the popular activity among the bloggers or YouTubers. When they want to show something, they make the video tutorial as well. Recording your Android phone’s screen can come in handy when you want to make a video of a game you’re playing, show someone how to perform a task on their phone, or document something weird your phone is doing.

record android screen

To start screen recording without root access to your Android phone, you’ll need a screen recorder app. Different from iPhone, Android phone has more optional screen recorders. And in this post we will examine the best options to screencast your Android phone and tablets, without rooting your device.

The android screen recorder app we’ll be using to capture/record the screen on your Android phone is known as Android Screen Recorder. This app can record your screen at 15-50 frames per second, which is quite fast, and also take screenshots and share them on the go. And that’s why this app is awesome. It can record your screen, games, videos, reply social app messages and text messages on Windows PC/Mac, and more. Besides, the program is for all Android devices and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, HTC One, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, LG, or ZTE, etc. Now follow the tutorial and you can mirror and record the Android screen easily and smoothly.

The main features of Android Screen Recorder:

* 1-click mirror/record Android screen in HD quality.
* Enjoy and record Android games on PC with a larger screen.
* Features in recording games, videos, and more on PC.
* Easily take screenshot of your Android screen.
* Support to reply social messages and text messages on PC.
* Support different recording settings.
* Easy to use and 100% secure.

Part 1: How to Record Android Screen on Computer

Step 1.Download and Launch the Program on Your Computer

Once the download and installation is complete, the software will automatically run on your computer. Then go to “Screen Recorder” pane. Next, please connect your Android phone on your computer via an USB cable.

Note: To get your Android phone being detected, you also need to enable the USB debugging on your device.

record android screen

Step 2.Mirror Android Screen on PC

If your Android phone is connected well, the tool starts to mirror the Android screen automatically. When you do any operation on the Android screen, you will see it on the PC. Also, you can use the mouse to control everything on your Android phone.

record android screen

Step 3.Start Recording Your Android Screen

If you want to record any Android game, video, or operation on the Android device, just click on the “Android Recorder” button, which is above Settings button on the right navigation bar.

record android screen

And then confirm by clicking the “Start Now” button on the pop-up window. Finally, the tool will start recording everything on the Android screen.

record android screen

To stop recording, click the red button on the right navigation bar. The recorded video will be saved on your computer, or you can change the save location via the Settings -> Recording settings.

record android screen

Part 2: How to Capture Android Screen on Computer

Step 1.Launch the Program and Connect Your Android Phone

After running the program on PC and connecting your Android phone to the computer, select “Screen Recorder” of the program and enable the USB debugging as it is referred to step 1 in part 1.

Next, click on the “Screenshot“ button to take a screenshot of your Android screen.

capture android screen on pc

Step 2.Save A Screenshot Image to PC

After that, a screenshot image will show up. Click on the “Save” button to save it to your computer. You can also click on the “Rotate” button to rotate the screenshot before saving it.

capture android screen on pc

Part 3: How to Reply Android Messages on Computer

After your Android phone is connected to Android Screen Recorder, you can easily access any social app and text message app on your Android phone.

reply android messages on pc

Just use the mouse to click on the social app or the text message app after running the program. Then you can use the keyboard to send and reply messages on the PC.

reply android messages on pc

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