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How to Switch Contacts Photos from HTC to iPhone 6

I purchased a new iPhone 6, and I decide to give my old HTC to my Dad. Before that, I think I need to move all my old HTC data to my new iPhone 6/6 Plus device. But I don’t know how to deal with it. Can anybody help me? Other data on my HTC I can give up, but anyway, I have more than 5 hundred phone numbers on old THC, that is why I must to transfer all the contacts from HTC to new iPhone 6. Is there any other useful method to help me?

What can I do to transfer my old HTC contacts/photos to my new iPhone 6 without complex operation? It is inevitable to transfer data between mobile phones when you replace old device. In fact, instead of manually copying data from your old to iPhone 6, there is an easy and useful way to transfer multiple data to your iPhone from HTC. All you need to do is perform one click by Mobile Transfer.

With this luckily, I’d like to recommend you a 3rd party Phone Transfer which can easily help you to transfer contacts and photos from HTC to new iPhone 6/6 Plus. By the way, this Mobile Transfer also can backup text messages, videos, call history, notes, etc.

Phone to Phone Transfer – This software can be compatible with Android, iOS and Symbian phones, that’s pretty practical.

Apart from contacts, one click to transfer all files, like text messages, videos, pictures, call history, apps and more directly.

Download the free trail version to operate it just follow the use guide.

Use Guide for How to Ttransfer Contacts Photos from HTC to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Step 1:Launch this Program on Computer

Step 2:Connect HTC and iPhone 6 to PC

The Samsung and iPhone displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right.

Step 3:Transfer Files between HTC and iPhone 6

Tick the one you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”.

After the contacts & photos be transfered into new iPhone 6, just click “OK” to finish it.

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