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How to Transfer Contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 6

“I have bought a new iPhone 6 Plus yesterday,now I wondering does anyone can help me transfer all contacts from old iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus,I have searched in the Apple App Store and can’t found any app supports transfer contacts between two iPhones.Is there any way to copy contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 directly?:–Ask by Lina

You can transfer contacts via SIM card between two iPhone,but when you have too much phone numbers that over the capability of the SIM card,and much contacts stored on your mobile phone directly,you need to transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE,including those phone numbers stored on your SIM card.However,you need a third-part iPhone contacts transfer tool to transfer contacts between two iPhone.

This iPhone Contacts Transfer-Phone Transfer can help you transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone directly,it supports copy contacts between two different models of iPhone even they are not in the same version of iOS( iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 and the new iOS 9).Now,you can use this phone transfer program to copy contacts from iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 to new iPhone 6/6 Plus.What’s more,if you use Android mobile phone before,you can use this phone to phone transfer to copy contacts between android and iPhone safely and conveniently. You can also transfer other data from old iPhone to new iPhone 6s/6/SE,such as text messages, photos, videos, call logs,ect.

iPhone Contacts Transfer – the best contacts transfer tool for iPhone

Buy a new iPhone and want to transfer contacts to new iPhone from ios iPhone or Android phone? You can copy contacts between iPhones with the help of phone transfer tool, only a few steps you need to follow. Read the guide about coping contacts between two iPhone,it may help you successfully transfer contacts from iPhone to new iPhone 6/6 Plus.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone 5s to new iPhone 6?

Step 1:Download and run the Phone Transfer on your PC

Click the download button above that leads you to download the Phone Transfer. Install it like other software. It’s compatible with Windows 8/7/XP. If you use Mac,you can free download the Phone Transfer for Mac.

Note: You need to have iTunes installed on your PC before using it to transfer contacts between two iPhones.

Step 2: Connect your two iPhone to the computer

Connect your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s to the same computer using USB cables. The Phone Transfer will detect their models and display them in the main window automatically. Make sure that the “Source” iPhone and the “Destination” one are in the right place. Otherwise, you can click “Flip” to switch them.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6/6 Plus

By default, the program will enable you to transfer everything include contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos. Since only contacts are needed to be transferred, uncheck the boxes expect contacts. Click “Start Copy” when everything is done. Keep both iPhones is connected during the transferring. When the process of transfer is finished, click “OK”.

Note: If you want to clear the data in your iPhone 5s before copying, check the box “Clear data before copy” under the Destination phone. Otherwise, make sure it’s remind unchecked.

Within seconds, you can copy all your contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6. It’s easy to use and simple to transfer. What are waiting for? Download it by clicking the button below.

Tips :If you have bought a new Samsung phone,you may want to know how to transfer contacts between Samsung and iPhone.

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