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How to Retrieve Lost Data from Rooted Samsung Phone

We’ve ever deleted photos, videos or files by accident. Don’t be afraid. There are some ways to retrieve your lost data from rooted Samsung Phones. Importantly,you should do not save anything else to your device or switch it off until you finish recovery. Turn off your Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connection so that system does not automatically update and overwrite anything before you’ve had a chance to retrieve lost data from rooted Samsung Phones.

Restore Erased/Wiped Photos,Videos,SMS,Contacts from Rooted Samsung

Samsung Data Recovery, outstanding recovery software, help you recover erased data on rooted Samsung Phones. No matter you use Samsung device or Android OS, Android Data Recovery also can retrieve lost data for you. Let’s try and get your data back!

How to Retrieve Lost Data from Rooted Samsung Phones

Note:To guarantee a successful recovery, stop using your Samsung after data loss. New data will overwrite the old one and you won’t get them back any more.

Step 1.Download and Run the Program on the Computer

Firstly, go to download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Run the program and you will get the window as follow.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

Step 2.Connect your Samsung to the PC and Enable USB Debugging

Secondly, connect your rooted Samsung device to the PC via USB. After that, the program will you will be asked to enable USB debugging on your device so it can be recognized by the program.
Go to the corresponding option according to your Samsung Android OS version. Follow the tips below to open USB debugging.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to “Settings” < “Applications”. Choose “Development” and check “USB debugging”.
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” < “Developer options” and check “USB debugging”.
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” and select “About Phone”. Press “Build number” for several times until “You are under developer mode”. Then return to “Settings” and choose “Developer options”, finally check “USB debugging”.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

Done that, we come to a point where types of data are to be chosen. Tick “Contacts” and leave the others unchecked.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

Step 3.Scan for Deleted Contacts on your Rooted Samsung Phone

After your rooted Samsung phone is detected by the program, you can get the following interface. Click “Start” now so the program will begin scanning and analyzing all lost or deleted data on your device automatically.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

The scanning process will last for some time. And you can get the remaining time from the progress bar.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

If you see the window below after clicking “Start”, go to your Samsung device and press “Allow” on the homescreen until it disappears. Then click “Start” again to finish the scanning process.

Step 4.Preview, Check and Recover Deleted Contacts from Rooted Samsung

Scanning results will be shown in categories on the left after it completes. You can directly go to “Contacts” and expand the icon to preview the details. Check those you want back and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

retrieve restore lost data from rooted samsung

Step 5.Back up with Your Samsung Periodically

This is for the consideration of data loss. When bad things happen, the backup file can help a lot. Don’t know how to do one? Try Android Transfer.

Note: You can slide the button on to only display deleted items. It will be more convenient for you to look for lost contacts.

To be honest,using this Android Data Recovery, you can recover all the lost data from Rooted Samsung Phones whether you are rooted or not. To import your recovered data back to your Samsung Phones. you can try our Android Samsung Data Transfer. You can go to visit our website to find more information. Hope you can get the help you need.

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