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How to Recover Data from Black Screen Android Phone

I have a Verizon 4G Samsung,brand new as of this year,in mint condition.One night, I plug it in to charge,as I always do,and leave it like that for the night.The morning after I get up, take my phone and leave,not bothering to look at my phone just yet.It is later that I go to look at the time that I press the on button to turn the screen on,but the screen stays black.I turn my phone off and then turn it back on,same result, black screen.Now I wanna get back all data from the black screen Android phone urgently.I find no help in my family.Any help would be wonderful.Thanks.-Irma

recover data from black screen android

Android is the most-used mobile operating system in the mobile world.Android black screen of death is one of the most faced issues by many Android users.If you also fall in this group of Android users who are facing Android black screen of death problem badly,read on the below passages in order to fix this issue.

You might need to recover data from black screen Android phone.As a matter of fact, it’s next to possible if you just rely on hands to recover data from Android phone.If you rely on some software tools, such as the Android Data Recovery, there would be a big difference.Android Data Recovery is an special application that empowers to recover data from Android phone with black screen.The Android Data Recovery tool works for all brands of Android phone including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and LG,etc,running any Android OS such as Android 6.0, Android 5.1/5.0, Android 4.4, and lower.

How to Recover Files from Android with Black Screen

Step 1.Connect Black Screen Android to Computer

You will get the following main window after running Android Data Recovery.Then you can see the option-“Recover data from broken phone”option,then connect the black screen Android to computer with an USB cable,and click the “scan it” button.


Step 2.Select the Files type to Scan

The scan will take you a few minutes to waiting.After that,you can preview all recoverable files found in the scan result one by one.Actually,the current including the deleted/lost or existing data such as messages, contacts, photos and video are also scanned out in the result.You can distinguish them by different color.Now you can click the option which is the type data name.If you want to scan all files at once,please click “Select All” item.


Step 3.Select Types of Files to Recover from Black Screen Android

Then the program will guide you to another screen,you will see the following screen.There are two fault types of phone choices: “touch can not be used or can not enter the system” and “black screen or the screen is broken.”Please choose the second one that depends on your Android.


Step 4.Select Your Android Device Model

Then according to option to select the brand and model of your Android.If you are not sure what model of your Android device,please click the “How to confirm the device model”option.


Step 5.Enter Download Mode for Black Screen Android

In this step,you will follow different steps to enter download mode depends on different problems.

1) If your Android touch screen can’t be used or can’t enter the system,you can follow the guide displayed in the below interface to get into “Download mode”.

2) If your Android is black screen or the phone screen is broken,you can also do the three steps to enter “Download mode”.


Then,please click the “Start” button,the countdown will display on the screen in the program to tell you how to download mode for the device.

Note:During the getting into “Download mode” process,remember to keep connecting your black screen Android phone with computer.

Step 6.Analyze Data on Black Screen Android

After entered the “Download mode”,the software will start downloading “recovery package”,it will take you a short time,please wait a moment.


When the downloading finish,the selected data item stored in the device will scanned out.


Step 7.Preview and Recover Selected Files from Black Screen Android

When finish scanning the black screen Android device,before getting data back you can preview all deleted/lost or existing data,including the detailed messages,photos,videos and more document.Just click “Recover” button at the lower-right corner and save them on computer.


No matter your phone is Samsung,HTC,LG,Motorola or any other Android phones, the solution is same for all Android devices.Besides,you can use Android Data recovery to recover files from Android phones due to rooting,operating system upgrade,phone restore factory resetting,or more.

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