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How to Copy Everything from Android to iPhone 5SE/SE

According to the report, iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE will be launched in the Spring Conference on March 15 and sale it on March 18. It is said that iPhone 5SE will be equipped with A9 processor (drop frequency version), with 1GB RAM+16GB ROM and1GB RAM+32GB ROM two versions, and equipped with 8 million pixel camera, and joined the NFC function in order to support their own Apple Pay. In the era of the proliferation of large screen mobile phone, iPhone 5SE can meet the needs of people on small screen mobile phone, which will cause people to change the mobile phone. There is no doubt that many mobile phone users will be satisfied with iPhone 5SE.

As an Android phone user, when you change your Android mobile phones you will encounter a problem: how to transfer the old Android phone data to the new iPhone 5SE/SE? It isn’t difficult to switch files from Android to iPhone 5SE/SE. It just takes a few extra steps to get all data you want copy from one device to the other. We’ve got a guide for helping you sync everything from Android to iPhone 5SE/SE/6S as simply as possible.

Phone Transfer is a software which makes transfer data efficient and 100% safe. This software can move all contents from Android to iPhone SE/5SE, as well as iPhone 6S/6. Various types of files are supported, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, call history and more. All kinds of Android phones are supported for transmission, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Huawei and so on.

You can download the version of this program absolutely free:

Transferring Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos from Android to iPhone SE/5SE

Step 1. Run the Phone Transfer on Your PC

After downloading and installing the Phone Transfer tool, you can run it on your computer. Then select “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode and click “Start”.

transfer Contacts from Android phone to iPhone 6s

Step 2.Connect Android and iPhone SE to Your Computer

When you have launched the program, you need to connect both your Android and your iPhone to computer. Then the program should automatically recognize both of the phones. You can click “Flip” to change the direction of data transmission.

transfer contacts from HTc to iPhone 6s

Step 3.Transfer Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos to iPhone SE

After connection, all the transferable data are listed on the middle of the program. You can choose the data you want to transfer,just tick the check box and click on “Start Copy”. The program will begin to move your selected data from your Android to iPhone 6S/6/iPhone SE/5SE.

Android to iPhone Transfer

The most important thing reminds you is that while you are transferring the data files from your Android to iPhone that you cannot disconnect either of the phones. And this program supports all iPhone models for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5SE/SE, etc.

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