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How to Convert 3D to 2D Movies/Video Format for Watching on Media Players

Nowadays, most advanced 3D TVs own the ability to automatically add 3D effect for 2D movie sources so people could watch 3D movies at home. This greatly improves movie experience. But, Someone want to turning to a 3D to 2D conversion. 3D Video Converter software could easily convert 3D to 2D with original video quality retained.

“How can I watch a side-by-side 3D video in 2D? I have a 3D movie(.MKV), with side-by-side 3D, and it works just fine at home. Now I want to see it at my friend’s house with Mac which is a 2D media player, is there any way to convert it to 2D?”

“Help, I have taken a lot of video/pictures in 3D on my sister’s wedding and a lot of people would like copies, does anyone know how to convert 3D images or videos into a 2D format so most people can view them on their computer or Mac?”

3D video to general 2D formats for the convenience of view or playback it on your iPad, HDTV, Apple TV, Google TV and other traditional general 2D video Players (software player and hardware player). Want to enjoy 3D movies on your portable device or media player like VLC which does not support playing 3D videos, we need to convert it back from 3D to 2D. This article will recommend you a great video conversion tool to convert any downloaded or homemade 3D movies to 2D format.

To enjoy 3D movies on your portable device, HDTV, Smartphnes, or VLC, you can use 3D to 2D Converter3D Video Converter which provides a perfect solution for converting 3D video to 2D on Windows or Mac. With it, you can converting Anaglyph, Side by Side, Side by Side(half-width), Top and Bottom or Top and Buttom(half-heigh) 3D videos to stand 2D formats with outstanding output video quality. Besides, this 3D Video Converter can help users convert 3D videos to other 3D files such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264/MPEG-4 or convert 2D videos to 3D videos on Windows or Mac.

Easy Steps to Convert 3D to 2D Video Format

Step 1.Install the Program on PC/Mac

Download 3D Video Converter from the above download link, install it and open the software on your computer or Mac.

convert 3d video to 2d video format

Step 2.Enter the Convert 3D Video to 2D Video Mode

If you want to convert 3D video to 2D video format, you can enter the 3D to 2D converting mode from the main interface on the program. Then follow the instructions, you can easily convert 3D video to 2D video format after clicking the “Convert” button.

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