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Extract and Recover iPhone Data from iTunes and iCloud Backup Files

There are two methods for you to extract and recover iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

Method one: Recovery through iTunes. Basically every iPhone will have own iTunes, but you want to extract and restore iPhone contents from iTunes backup, your iPhone data must be backed up in advance to your iTunes inside. The data here include your contacts, photos, memos and other data. And where your iPhone iTunes located in the computer? Through iTunes backup file location on the computer’s default address is: C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ backup.

recover data from iTunes,iCloud

Method two: Restore via iCloud. Normally, after you buy a new iPhone, or after the iOS 9/iOS 10 system update, when you boot screen in accordance with the instructions, it will activate and set up your iCloud’s. Generally iCloud iPhone is the default open some backups. So long as your phone is turned on and has opened iCloud backup, and if you want to extract iPhone data from iCloud backup, although relevant information phone you deleted, you can get the information before the data by re-registering the account.

Two Method Helps Your Extract and Recover iPhone Contents from Backup

All of two methods, you also through iOS Data Recovery software to recover your lost data directly. Under this software, it is easy and useful for you to extract and recover iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. Download iOS Data Recovery software, then follow the guidelines step by step operation, it will restore your photos, videos, text messages, notes and other data from iTunes and iCloud account simply.

Now learn to how extract and recover iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

Free Download the iOS Data Recovery:

Method 1: How to Extract and Recover Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Scan and preview the iTunes backup File.

If you have synced different iOS devices with iTunes before, more than one backup files will be listed in the primary window after you clicked Recover from iTunes Backup File. Just choose the one for your iPhone and click “Start Scan”. It will take you a few seconds to scan. All contents from the iTunes backup file including contacts, messages, call history, notes, photos and videos will be displayed in detail. You can read them right now.

recover data from itunes

Step 2. Extract and recover contacts from iTunes Backup file.

To bring back lost iPhone contacts, just check the Contacts box, then all contacts will be displayed, simply choose those contacts you’d like to recover, and press “Recover” button.

extract iPhone backuped data from itunes

Now, you will get two options, “recover to computer” or “recover to device”. Just select as you need. Currently, iOS Data Recovery can only support recovering notes and contacts back to device, we will continue to support more file types.

data recovery for iTunes

Method 2: Extract and recover files from iCloud backup

Step 1. Download the iCloud backup file

After running iOS Data Recovery on your computer, select “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” from the top. Enter your icloud e-mail address and password to log in your icloud. Then you will see a list of iCloud backup files under your iCloud account. Select one backup file and click Download button.

recover icloud backup data for youe iPhone

Step 2. Download iCloud Backup File
When you logged into iCloud, the program can find all iCloud backup files in your account. Choose the one where you’re going to recover data and click on the “Download” button.

download and restore icloud backup data

Step 3. Scan the iCloud backup and Select what you want to restore them

When you download the iCloud backup file, you will be able to select the file types to download. This will reduce the time of downloading process. After that, click Scan button to begin. It will take you some time. Just wait for a moment.

icloud choose file types

Step 4: Preview and Restore Lost Data from iCloud Backup File

Then you will be able to preview the almost all data on your icloud backup. Here,you able to recover lost contacts, messages, photos, and more from iCloud backup files.Select the files you want by checking them and click on “Recover” button to “save them to your computer” or “recover them directly to your iOS device”.

preview and restore icloud backuped data

Free download the iOS Data Recovery:

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