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How to Recover Data from Lost/Stolen iPhone

Many iPhone users may ask how to recover data from a stolen, lost, broken, water damaged, fail upgrading, system crash iPhone,in particular lost important contacts,when you iPhone was stolen,the first thing you need to do is recovering contacts from iTunes or iCloud that you have backup to iTunes before.If you have synced iPhone to iTunes;backup iPhone data to iCloud before,it’s very easy to extract and recover stolen iPhone data from iTunes backup files.

Actually,you still have chance to restore contacts,sms,photos,videos from stolen iPhone,it means recover lost iPhone data from iTunes/iCloud backup files. First of all,you need to use you can recover data from the stolen iPhone without the device, each you synced the iPhone with iTunes not long ago before it’s stolen. So maybe you can restore the data from iTunes backup.Really,let’s teach you how to restore data from iTunes backup.

safe way to recover data from a stolen iphone

To restore the lost data from backup, what you need is a third-party iPhone data recovery tool to scan and extract iTunes or iCloud backup files of the stolen iPhone for you.

Here,we recommend you use this iPhone Data Recovery,which is the best data recovery software to allow you preview and selectively recover whatever data you want to restore from iTunes and iCloud backups. With the help of iOS Data Recovery, you can recover any data from iPhone 7/6S/6/SE/5S/5/4S/4,such as photos, videos ,contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendar, WhatsApp messages, reminders, safari bookmarks, voice memos and much more on the stolen iPhone.

Before following the steps to restore lost data from stolen iPhone, you should download the free trial version (Mac and Windows) and install it on your computer.

download ios data recoverydownload ios data recovery for mac

Easily Extract Previous iTunes Backup File for Stolen/Broken iPhone

-Preview and selectively recover what you want from iPhone,iTunes backup and iCloud backup
-Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more from iTunes backup.
-Recover data lost due to deletion,device loss,jailbreak,iOS 9/10 upgrade,downgrad,factory reset,etc.
-Export and print what you want from the iTunes backup to your computer.
-Fix iPhone system stuck in recovery mode, iTunes screen, white Apple logo screen black screen of death and other issues.
-Compatible with latest iOS devices.

Part 1: Recover Stolen/Lost/Broken iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Start to Scan iTunes backup

Find where your iPhone backup file is. Please remember no to connect and sync your iPhone with iTunes or it will update the data so that you can’t restore it any more. Run the iPhone Data Recovery and you can find out the main interface as below, among of them, “Smart Recovery” provides a shortcut way that allows you to quickly find the recovery method which is consistent with your iPhone. Sure, you can also select the third option on the left of the list to extract the data from iTunes backup if you ever have a backup. Now, choose the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” mode.

recover stolen iphone data from itunes backup

The data will be listed with the device name, serial number and syncing time. Then select your iTunes backup file for your iPhone and click “Start Scan” button to begin scanning your iTunes backup files.

Step 2:Preview and Selectively Recover Stolen iPhone’s Data from iTunes Backup File

After scanning, all backup data, including camera roll, photo stream, contacts, messages, calendar, notes and videos will be extracted. Check the files you need and click “Recover” to recover your previous iPhone data from iTunes.You can recover and save them on computer,or restore to new iPhone 7/6S/6/6 plus when you have got a new iPhone.
Tips:To restore iTunes backups contents to new iPhone,you need to connect your iPhone with the program.

recover stolen iphone data from itunes backupe

Step 3:Restore Stolen/Lost/Broken iPhone’s Contents to new iPhone Devices

If you have other iOS devices, you can restore your iPhone backup on them or save those iPhone data on your computer in order to avoid losing the data from your iPhone again.

Restore Stolen/Lost iPhone’s Photos from iTunes backup files

recover stolen iphone data from itunes backup

Restore Stolen/Lost iPhone’s SMS,iMessages from iTunes backup files

recover stolen iphone data from itunes backup

Free download iPhone data recovery for Windows or Mac:

download ios data recoverydownload ios data recovery for mac

Tips:If your iPhone was broken/damaged with broken screen,you can use a iOS Data Backup & Restore software to backup data from broken iPhone to PC/Mac,then restore to new iPhone from backups on computer.

Learn more:how to backup and restore iPhone data

Part 2:Restore Stolen iPhone Data to New iPhone

If you plan to transfer the lost iPhone data to a new iPhone, it can be much easier to recover the data. You only need to directly restore the whole backup files to your new iPhone via iCloud or iTunes. To use this method, you should also confirm that you have already made a back up of the stolen iPhone to iCloud or iTunes before.
Tips: You can restore stolen iPhone data to new iPhone 6S/6/SE from backups by Mobile Transfer

1) How to Restore Stolen iPhone from an iCloud Backup
• Follow the initial steps in the iOS Setup Assistant to select your language, and so on;
• Select Restore from iCloud Backup when the assistant asks you to set up your iPhone;
• Select the iCloud backup you created earlier for the iPhone that was stolen.

restore stolen iPhone's data from iCloud

2) How to Restore Stolen iPhone from an iTunes Backup
• Connect your new iPhone to the computer that has your backup of the stolen iPhone;
• Make sure this computer has the latest version of iTunes;
• Choose File > Devices > Restore from Back Up.

Part 3: How to Find backup the stolen iPhone

When you discover that your iPhone has been stolen, there are some steps you should take that may help you to get back your stolen iPhone.

1) Track the iPhone with Find My iPhone App
“Find My iPhone” is an official application made by Apple that can be used to track and lock the stolen iPhone, as well as remove all data on it. Once your iPhone was stolen, all you need to do is to use another iOS device and log in this application with your Apple ID to find the current location of your iPhone.

2) Call Your Phone Company
Calling your cell phone company to report the theft and have the account tied to the iPhone suspended or canceled will help ensure that you’re not stuck paying for charges incurred by the thief.

3) Get Police Help
No matter it might get your iPhone back or not, this is always an important step. You can provide the iPhone’s current location that you get from the “Find My iPhone” to the police officers. This will greatly increase the possibility to get back your stolen iPhone.

Tips: To avoiding data lost again,you must to backup iPhone data to computer.Here,we recommend you use this iPhone backup software,which allows you transfer everything to computer for backup.

download iphone data recoverydownload iphone data recovery for mac

Here is the best iPhone desktop manager software for you manange everything on iPhone easily,you can transfer music,videos,photos and more from computer,iTunes library, old iPhone/Android phone to iPhone 7/7 Plus directly,as well as contacts and SMS between two mobile phones.

This article teach you how to restore lost iPhone data from iTunes backups,no matter your device is in hand or not.If your iPhone, iPad is stolen,but your have sync ios devic to iTunes or iCloud before,follow this use guid to restore lost iPhone data from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

Follow this tutorial,you can recover lost data from iPhone 6/6S/5/5S/4S after update to iOS 9,In addition, you can also restore lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

In order to avoiding data loss on your iPhone,please follow this use guide to backup and restore all important contacts from iPhone on computer.

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