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How to Get Out of Recovery Mode on iPhone without iTunes

“My phone 6s went into recovery mode when updating from iOS 9 to 10 and nothing works, I’ve turned it off and on multiple times but all I see on the screen is an error with red iTunes logo. I don’t know what to do, how do I get my iPhone 6s out of recovery mode without losing all my data? “


Stuck in iPhone recovery mode during iOS 10 upgrade? iOS 10 put iPhone in recovery mode? It is one of the common issues for a user to encounter recovery mode issue when he updates or jailbreaks the iOS system. In other words, many iPhone owners will stick in Recovery Mode when upgrading/jailbreaking the operating system or performing a factory reset operation. However, the iPhone will not operate normally if it is stuck in recovery mode.

You can easily and completely fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode during or after iOS 10 update with or without iTunes. Follow the steps below to get your iPhone or other iOS device out of Recovery mode.

Part 1. Exit Recovery Mode With iTunes Restore (Data will be erased)

When your iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus/SE/7 is stuck in the recovery mode, iTunes can be used to solve the problem by restoring the device to factory settings.

Step 1.Turn Off Your Device

To start with, confirm that iTunes has been updated to the latest version on your PC or Mac. Then turn off your iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button until “slide to power off” option appears.Turn off your device.

get iPhone out of recovery mode with iTunes

Step 2.Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

Next, keep holding the home button and connect your iPhone to the computer via it USB cable. The Apple Logo will appear and then quickly change to the recovery graphic.

get iPhone out of recovery mode with iTunes

Step 3.Restore iPhone in Recovery Mode with iTunes

After that, release the home button, your iPhone should be in recovery mode. iTunes will display a message confirming this. You can then click on “Restore” to restore a previously saved iTunes backup file.

get iPhone out of recovery mode with iTunes

If something goes wrong while you’re updating or jailbreaking, your iPhone iPad may get stuck in recovery mode. Of course, you can get out of it by restoring through iTunes; the problem is that doing so wipes all your data and resets your device to its factory settings. Click here to recover lost data after factory reset your iPhone.

Part 2. Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without iTunes(No Data Loss)

Apart of iTunes restoring, there is another much simpler way of fixing this issue. All you need is iOS System Recovery, which can exit iPhone recovery mode without any data loss. It also supports to fix various iOS system issues to normal, such as your iPhone stuck in black screen of death, Apple logo, iTunes logo, DFU mode, and so on.

Step 1.Download the Program and Choose the iOS System Recovery Feature

After downloading and installing the program, connect your iPhone to computer via an USB cable, then choose “iOS System Recovery” from “More Tools” in the main window.

connect iPhone to the computer

Then the program will detect your iPhone iPad, click “Start” to continue the process.

exit iPhone recovery mode without iTunes

Step 2.Start to Download and Select Firmware for Your iPhone

Here you need to download the firmware for your iPhone device in order to fix the issue. The program will detect your device and download latest iOS version to your iPhone. What you need to do is just click “Download” button and wait.

exit iPhone recovery mode without iTunes

Start downloading the firmware for your iPhone, please wait.

exit iPhone recovery mode without iTunes

Step 3.Exit iPhone Recovery Mode to Return It to Normal

After downloading, the program will automatically start repairing your device to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

exit iPhone recovery mode without iTunes

It may take a few minutes, then the program will pop up a messages telling you the the device is restarting to normal mode.

exit iPhone recovery mode without iTunes

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