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How to Transfer Photos between Google Pixel and Computer

Finding a google pixel files transfer tool to import photos from computer to Google Pixel phone?Do not know how to connect google pixel to computer for downloading pics from Google Pixel to PC/Mac?This article will recommend a easy-to-used Google pixel file transfer to add photos from PC to pixel phone,or transfer photos from Google Pixel(XL)to computer easily.

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As the conference said, Pixel phones equip with excellent camera. You may have a large amount of precious photos stored in your old iPhone/iPad/Android phone or your computer, surely, it is wonderful to take pictures with Pixel phone for its perfect camera performance, but have you met such problems on transferring photos to your Google Pixel phone?

If so, you come to the right place. This article will show you 3 different ways of transferring photos to Google Pixel/Pixel XL to help you quickly find what best fits you. Their secret is to use the Google Pixel File TransferiOS & Android Manager software which is a powerful third party tool, allowing you easily transfer data including music, videos, photos, contacts, messages and more between iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android phone and PC.

Part 1. How to Transfer Photos from Computer to Google Pixel/XL

There might be some pictures you took with your digital camera that you keep on the PC that you would also want to have available on your new Pixel phone, too. After all, who wouldn’t want to be always prepared to show photos of their pets, companion, family on the phone, on a moment’s notice? As you wish, the following steps will tell you how to make it – transferring photos from computer to Pixel.

Step 1.Launch iOS & Android Manager Software

After the installation, open iOS & Android Manager software on your computer. And connect your Pixel phone to your PC, then you will see the main interface like this.

transfer photos from computer to Pixel

Step 2.Select Which Photos You Want

As you can see, click “Photos” tab. Next, all the albums will be displayed on the left. You need to select one to import photos from PC to selected Android photo album.

After that, click Add > Add File or Add Folder. It means that if you only want to select some photos, then click “Add File”. You can creat new albums and add photos in it. Simply right-click the photos category on the left panel, then click “New Album”. Or if you want to tranfer all the photos in one folder, then click “Add Folder”.

transfer photos from computer to Pixel

Step 3.Transfer Selected Pictures from PC to Pixel

At last, hold down Shift or Ctrl key from select photos or photo folders to choose multiple photos, and add to your Google Pixel phone.

Part 2. How to Transfer Picture from Google Pixel to Computer

The Google Pixel File Transfer software not only empowers you to transfer photos from computer to Google Pixel phone, but also to transfer photos from Google Pixel to computer. The part below shows you the step-by-step guide.

Step 1.Launch the Program on the Computer

After running the tool on your PC and connecting the device to the computer, choose your desired photos and click Export > Export to PC.

sync images from Pixel phone to computer

Step 2.Select the Images You Need

Go to the next step, open your file browser window the select a save path to store the photos from your Pixel phone to computer. Well, you can also transfer the whole photo album from Pixel to the computer.

backup photos from Pixel phone to computer

Another solution: You can backup all photos from images to computer in one click. You can see this function from the main interface of the software.

backup Pixel photos to computer

Part 3. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPad/Android to Pixel

“Uh, I used up all the memory in my iPhone 5S taking pictures of our life and need to save these pictures to my new Google Pixel. However, I have no idea on how to do that. Somebody help?” From Amy.

Convincing iPhone users to switch to the Pixel smartphone may not be an easy task. How can you copy all precious pictures from iPhone to Pixel? This tutorial explains the steps required to transfer images from iPhone/iPad/Android to Google Pixel.

Step 1.Connect Two Devices to the Same Computer

Launch the program and connect both iPhone/iPad/Android and Google Pixel devices to PC.

copy pictures from old phone to Google Pixel

Step 2.Select Photos to Copy from Source Phone

If you want to transfer images from old iPhone/iPad/Android phone to Pixel, you should select the iPhone/iPad/Android phone as source device from which you want to transfer photos and albums.

Step 3.Export/Copy Images to Google Pixel Phone

Now, click Photos tab and choose photos you wanted then click “Export” option. What you need is select Google Pixel phone from the list. This operation is like, if you want to transfer photos from Android phone to iPhone by selecting Export > Export to Device > iPhone directly.

transfer iPhone photos to Google Pixel

Moreover, you can also transfer the whole photo album from iPhone/iPad/Android to Pixel or Pixel XL in one click.

copy pictures from old phone to Google Pixel

Solution 2: One Click to Transfer Photos from Old Phone to Pixel

Last but not least, you can also transfer photos from iPhone/iPad/Android to Google Pixel in one click by using this iOS & Android Manager program, as well as contacts, music, videos and more.

Step 1.Connect Two Device to Computer

Launch the program and connect both devices to PC.

one click copy photos from phone to Pixel

Next, what you need is to select the source device from which you want to transfer contents. Here, you need to choose your old iPhone/iPad/Android device.

Step 2.Select the Transfer Mode

Simply click “Phone to Phone Transfer” option on the main interface. Or you can find the Phone Transfer option under Toolbox > Transfer Tools section.

one click copy photos from phone to Pixel

Step 3.Select Pixel Phone as Your Target Device

When your devices are connected and detected by, you’ll get a window as follow. Select the Pixel phone as your target device from the drop-down list and click “Next”.

one click copy photos from phone to Pixel

Step 3.Transfer Photos to Google Pixel Phone

By default, all data on your iPhone/iPad/Android phone that can be transferred are ticked, like contacts, photos, playlist, music and videos. You can tick what your wanted data and then, click “Transfer” button. After that, click “OK” to end the transfer process.

one click copy photos from phone to Pixel

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