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3 Ways to Remove Jailbreak Safely and Restore Your iPhone or iPad

Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and other devices jailbreak is that we played frequently mentioned, the vast majority of Apple users will jailbreak for iOS devices to get more features. Before Apple jailbreak on the pros and cons introduced a lot, I believe we have a better understanding.

After Cydia jailbreak iOS device how to restore deleted? There may be some small partners finally to jailbreak their iOS devices, but it “careless” to accidentally delete Cydia, leading to want to install some utility plug was not installed, but not the more re-jailbreak, following Xiaobian Cydia tutorials explain how specific methods of recovery.

Cydia is an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and so on cracking software, similar to Apple’s online software store client software platform iTunes Store in escape the process of being loaded into the system, most of iPhone, iPod Touch , iPad third-party software and patches, are mainly used to make up for system deficiencies. By Jay Freeman (Saurik) and to develop leadership Okori Group, UCSB University.

Remove Jailbreak Safely and Restore Your iPhone 6

Cydia main purpose is to provide an advanced packaging tool for jailbreak iOS GUI front-end to install the App Store will not be accepted procedures. It is also a repository aggregator, allows iOS developers can be as open as possible.

But sometimes, you feel after the jailbreak, worried about the impact of Apple equipment is stable how to do, how to restore data from a jailbroken iPhone,and to share in this recovery method under the jail with you, as follows?

What if you want to remove the jailbreak? May be you downloaded something and that has made the iPhone unstable – and you want to remove the jailbreak.

Removing jailbreak is easy and will help you reclaim space and make your device stable and free of all the supposedly “grey elements.”

How to Remove Jailbreak from iPhone and iPad?

There are three ways to remove jailbreak from your iPhone or iPad:

Way 1: Directly Scan and Restore Lost Data from iPhone 6S/6/5S/5/4S After Jailbreaking

The iPhone iPad Data Recovery and iPhone Data Recovery for Mac,can help you recover your lost contacts, photos, text messages, videos and more from iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/4s after jailbreak in a simple way.If the loss of your important data on iPhone, first, must wait on the Internet to find a solution, here are a powerful tool for recovery, allow you to recover all lost data from a jailbroken iPhone.

Step 1: Run the iOS Data Recovery,then connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Scan iPhone lost data wihout backup files

Recover Lost Data from Jailbroken iPhone 6s

Step 3: Recover iPhone lost data after jailbreak
Now, you can recover your iPhone 5 data. You can preview the files and select the data you want to get back, then click “Recover” button to start the main process.

Restore iPhone data after jailbreaking

After all steps above, you have already got back your lost files. You can check them on your computer or recover back to iOS device now.

Way 2: Restore from a backup via iTunes

Restoring from backup makes sure your iPhone is “unjailbroken” but all the old apps, music, photos and contacts remain intact. This is the best way to go if you have a lot of data on your iPhone that is not on iCloud or that you don’t want to play around with.

To unjailbreak your iPhone or iPad and backup all data:

Open iTunes
Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac
Enable the backup when prompted (if you skip this step, you can do it again later, so don’t worry much about this step)
From the left sidebar, pick your device in iTunes
Click on Restore and then select Backup
iTunes will now restore your device while making sure all the backed up data is back on your iPhone after the restore
This will effectively remove all jailbreak data (and tweaks and jailbreak apps) but restore your device with all the other normal information. This is a safe way to remove jailbreak.

Way 3: Restore your iPhone or iPad as a new device

This is the method I would prefer because of two reasons: 1) I don’t have a lot of data so backing up or getting things from the iCloud is easy and 2) this effectively makes my iPhone a totally fresh device leaving no trace of jailbreak or other tweaks.

To restore your device as new, here’s what you need to do:

Optional: Backup on iCloud if you will restore your iPhone from iCloud when setting it up later. To do this:

Go to Settings
Tap on iCloud
Tap on Storage & BackupiCloud

remove and restore data from iCloud

Click on Backup Now


iCloud Backup

This will create a backup on iCloud which you can use later. Makes it easy to get back all apps, music and photos.

-Open iTunes
-Connect your iPhone
-Select the device from the left sidebar
-Click on Restore
Disable backup (Cancel, when prompted for the backing up option)
This restore option connects to Apple Servers and installs the latest iOS firmware (iOS 6 as on writing this). Quite naturally, you’ll lose all data but you have the option of taking backups on iCloud so that when you set up your phone, you can restore data from the backup on iCloud.

Tip: If you don’t want to face iTunes Errors during the process (they’re quite common), you can choose to download the IPSW file directly to your local disk. Afterwards, instead of clicking Restore, just click Shift+Restore and choose the IPSW file you downloaded. This will install the IPSW on your iPhone.

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