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Samsung to Samsung: Transfer Everything to Galaxy S7

This year, Samsung decided to split the Galaxy S7 into two screen sizes: 5.1 inched for the smaller Galaxy S7, and 5.5 inched for the Galaxy S7 Edge and its distinctive design, which has curved glass on both sides. The standard Galaxy S7 has a 5.1-inch flat AMOLED screen, but a gentle curve to its back, upping its comfort while in your palm. From a size standpoint, it’s almost identically sized to last year’s Galaxy S6 (and the Galaxy S5, for that matter). It’s a comfortable, standard phone that most people should be able to hold (unless you prefer very small phones like the old iPhone 5S).

In conclusion, it is not surprising that more and more mobile phone users are looking forward to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7, especially Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users. Those users who want to change their old Samsung Galaxy phone and dispose of the old one is due to upgrading their electronic devices, even if the old one is still in good condition. If you are a Samsung phone user, the common task for you is to transfer all contents stored in old Samsung phone to new Galaxy S7 to avoid information losing.Many people may ask how to transfer Contacts, Music,SMS to new Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 without Samsung Smart Switch™?Please keep reading as below!

Transfer Contacts from Galaxy S3/S4/S5 to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Directly

You can rely on Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S7 Transfer – Android to Android Transfer software, which will allow users transfer data between Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Ace and Galaxy S7, including contacts, text messages, call logs, calendars, videos, music, photos and more.What’s more,the phone to phone transfer allows users syns data between iOS, Symbian and Android,it works well with iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S/4 and Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Smausng Galaxy Note 6/5/4/3, Nokia, WinPhone, Blaceberry,ect.Let’s teach you how to transfer contacts, sms and other files between old Samsung and new Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge directly.

Click on the icons to download for free:

Transfer Contacts, Videos, Music, Photos, Apps from Old Samsung to New Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Directly

Note: If your contacts saved in Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange and other accounts on your old Samsung phone before,if you want to sync contacts from those accounts to the new Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, you should log in these accounts on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 first. Then, the contacts that you chose will be extraceted and saved on the memory card or SIM card of your new Galaxy S7/S6.

Step 1. Download and Run Phone Transfer Program

Firstly, you should download and install the Phone Transfer on your computer, and then launch it. You will see its primary window as below.

samsung to samsung transfer

Step 2. Connect Both Samsung Galaxy Phone to Computer

In this step, you will be asked to connect your Samsung phone and Samsung Galaxy S7 via two USB cables. The connected phones will be displayed as “Source” and “Destination”. You can click “Flip” button if you want to switch the source and destination phones.

transfer samsung data to samsung galaxy s7

Step 3. Transfer Contacts and other Files from old Samsung to Galaxy S7

As you can see on the interface, contacts, SMS, videos, music, photos, call history, calendars, etc. can be synced between two Samsung phones. Just select the files you want to transfer and click “Start Copy” button the copy contacts to new Galaxy S7. If you can want to copy all contents, you can click “Select All” button to sync data to Galaxy S7 directly.

transfer contacts from samsung to galaxy s7/s7 edge

Well done.Just 3 steps to transfer everything from Android phone to new Galaxy S7/S7 Edge directly,if you use iPhone before,when you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S7/S6,the phone transfer also can help you sync iPhone contacts to Galaxy S7/S6, as well as Galaxy Note 6/5, Galaxy A9/A7/A5, etc. In additional,if you want to sell the old Samsung phone,this program enable you erase data on Android phone permanently,in order to protect your personal information will not be stolen after selling. It is an all-in-one phone to phone transfer, phone backup&restore and phone data eraser tool,it’s efficient and easy to operate, isn’t it?

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