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Transfer Data to New iPhone and Erase Old iPhone Data Before Selling

[Summary]: Have bought a new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s and want to transfer data from old iPhone to a new iPhone 6s? Want to resale your old iPhone and sell a good price? Before selling the old iPhone,you must to wipe all personal imformation,in order to avoiding your important data be stolen after resale.

With the development of technology, iPhone’s model update so fast that iPhone’s fans change their iPhone frequently. When people buy a new iPhone, he must transfer all the important information inside the old iPhone to the new iPhone. These precious documents such as contacts,text messages, photos, videos, etc. Many people know that photos,contacts,text message,videos are the most important data on any mobile phone. Although there are so many funny apps available on modern smartphones, such as gaming and social networking, for anyone, I think all data on your old iPhone are your preferred way for communication between family members, business partners and co-workers, especially in cases that Internet access is out of range.

These fies are too many precious memories in your old iPhone. This is the reason why we should transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone. But how can we do that? Is it possible for we to transfer data to new iPhone? Have any simple way?

Erase Old iPhone Data Before Selling it

Importantly, now we have the phone transfer can help you do that easily. What’s more, it is only take you a few minutes to transfer data from old phone to new iPhone. Compared with the ordinary way, you will find it can take you only a few minutes by a few clicks. In addition, it will be a safe and helpful software for you to transfer your data between old iPhone and new iPhone.

Mobile Phone Transfer is an wonderful software that help end users transfer data between iPhone, Android phone, Nokia (Symbian) and BlackBerry directly. But with this wonderful app, the whole transfer can be done in minutes with a bunch of mouse clicks. Further more, it’s capable of transferring a set of files and content between different smartphones, including sms, contacts, photos, music, videos, call logs and apps.And this software are support to all iPhone model, such as iPhone 6s/6/5s/5s4s,iPad Pro,iPad Mini,etc.

Free download the mobile phone transfer:

Part 1: How to Transfer old Phone Data to new iPhone 6S/6?

Step 1: Start with Mobile Phone Transfer
Install the iTunes and powerful Phone Transfer on PC. You are able to see two modes through the primary window. To move data between iPhones, you ought to choose the mode which is “Phone to Phone Transfer” and then click Start.

transfer old iPhone contacts to iPhone 6s

Step 2: make your old iPhone & new iPhone connect to the PC

Connect both your 2 iPhones to the PC by plugging into the Apple USB cables. Mobile Trans will detect 2 iPhones quickly and show you the transfer window of iPhone to iPhone.

transfer contacts from iphone 5s to iphone 6s

Step 3: Transfer files from old iPhone to new iPhone

Click the start copy to transfer the phone data as you wish. You can see the progress of the transfer in the dialog of pop-up. The whole process will take a few minutes. Your new iPhone will have the same data with your old one when it is finished.

transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6s

In the other hand, you have successfully transferred the data from old iPhone to new iPhone. Well, then, if you want to sell your old iPhone, you have to deleted all data on the old iPhone permanently.

Part 2: Erase All Contnets,Personal Data on old iPhone Permanently Before Selling it

Most people are by restoring the factory settings the old iPhone to delete the data and they think this is completely delete the data, but I will tell you they are wrong.

Sell your old phone simply deleting data is not secure

Here there is a real case. According to a police, the microblogging forward cases occurred in Nanjing, a customer complaintsed a bank that there four cards were was to be copied under this bank, his cards were stolen more than 10 times in a day, the cumulative loss of 120,000 yuan. Tracing the source, the reason was actually sold before the old phone, even though the original owner has been restored to factory settings, but the message content is still recover, criminals from obtaining the identity card number, bank card number, phone number, copy of their phone cards, login online banking and online banking via SMS verification mechanism loopholes to steal the money.

According to the seriousness of the matter, you should ensure all data such as photos,contacts,sms were permanently deleted on old iPhone before selling, it is highly recommended that you download the iPhone iPad Data Eraser program to completely and permanently erase old iPhone data before selling, it can hide the traces and no one knows you had erased your device.This software are support to all iPhone model, such as iPhone 6s/6/5s/5s4s,iPad Pro,iPad Mini,ect.

Free download the iPhone data eraser tool:

Part 3: Wipe Data on Old iPhone Without Restored Before Selling

Step 1:Launch the program and connect your iPhone
Launch the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer after installation, then take out your Apple USB cable to connect your iOS device to your computer. As soon as your device is recognized, the primary interface will pop up as the below picture, the information of your iPhone will be shown on the right side at the same time.

Sync Data to New iPhone and delete Old iPhone Data Before Selling

Step 2: Permanently erase your iPhone data
As you can see, there are four options providing by the iPhone Data Eraser for you to delete your corresponding iPhone data, they are “Express Cleanup“, “Erase Private Data“, “Erase Deleted Files” and “Erase All Data“, according to your need, you can choose the appropriate option, here, we click “Erase All Data” to enter the erased interface.

wipe old iPhone data and selling it

First of all, you should choose the security level before erasing all the data on your device, there are three levels you can choose here, they are low, medium and high level, the higher level, the stronger erasure. If you don’t choose, default is medium

clean all data on old iPhone before resale

If everything is OK, please type the word “delete” in the text box to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

delete data from old iPhone before selling

You will see the completed screen as below once the deletion is finish.

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