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How to Repair Damaged JPEG Photo Files

Hi.I need some help.The photos on my digital camera were corrupted for no reason when I transferred it to the computer.The photos are important so much for me and I don’t wanna lose it.How can I repair the damaged JPEG files on my PC?Please give me the best answers as soon as possible.Thanks advance.”-Mae

In the daily life,there are many cases will cause to damage photos files from hard media drive or memory card.This usually happens if some new data has previously been overwritten or that specific area of the drive/card has errors.It is common occur on a range of mobile devices, such as,digital camera, mobile phone, iPhone, iPod, and more.Don’t serious,this article will introduce you the best ways to repair damaged JPEG photos files and make it readable.

Repair Damaged JPEG Photo files Freely

JPEG Photos Repair capable of repairing damaged JPEG photo files freely and efficiently.JPEG Photos Repair tool supports to extract and preview thumbnail image of the selected JPEG files.You are allow to preview the repaired JPEG photos before repairing.The repaired JPEG files which were completely be readable by any popular image viewers after the repairing via JPEG Photos Repair tool.Moreover,the improved scanning mode of program allows to conveniently scan multiple JPEG files in a batch and give you precise results in less time than expected.

How to Repair Damaged JPEG Files

Step 1.Add Damaged JPEG File to Repair
Add damaged JPEG file(s) with “Add File” option which you need to repair.

add damaged photo to repair

Step 2.Select Damaged JPEG File
Select the damaged JPEG file(s).

select damaged photo

Step 3.Repair Damaged JPEG File
Repair the selected JPEG image files by using “Repair” option.

As soon as you choose this option a screen which helps to see the preview of the files before saving appears.Click “Save” button to save the repaired files to the desired location.

repair selected damaged photo

Done.Now you can view your JPEG files with its original form and quality.

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