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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Google Pixel/Pixel XL

With excellent camera, solid battery and unlimited storage for photos and videos, Google Pixel attracts enough attention after launch.

recover deleted videos from pixel

Many users capture photos and videos with Google Pixel smartphones, Pixel/Pixel XL plays an important role in people’s lives, it can record and preserve our happiness. But for some reason you may delete or lost videos files on Pixel phone, once the videos are lost after the system update; restoring the phone to factory setting cause Pixel videos and other data lost; lost your videos due to formatting the Google Pixel phone; Even if the Pixel XL is crashed, smashed or broken, if you encounter these kind of issues, just follow the steps below, we will share the best software to recover deleted videos and more from Google Pixel smartphones.

The powerful and helpful Pixel Data Recovery can help Pixel users recover the lost/deleted videos on Google Pixel/Pixel XL. Plus, it can also be used to help you recover photos, text messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, call log, audio files and documents from Pixel phone. Moreover, the program can not only recover videos form Pixel phone, but also supports to restore deleted videos files from other Android phones like Motorola Moto Z/Play/Force, Nexus 6/6P/5X, HTC 10/Bolt, LG G5/G4, Galaxy Note 5/4, Galaxy S8(edge)/S7(edge)/S6(edge)/S5, Sony Xperia XZ/Z5/Z4/Z3, etc.

Now please download the program on the computer and follow the steps below to use this Google Pixel and Pixel XL Data Recovery software.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Videos from Google Pixel Smartphones

Step 1.Download Pixel Data Recovery on your PC

Download and install the software with above link according to your operating system. After installed successfully, the program will launch automatically and then connect your Pixel or Pixel XL to the PC with the USB line.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

Step 2.Enable the USB Debugging on Your Pixel Phone

Please manually open the USB debugging on your Pixel phone first. If you have never enabled it before, you can follow the on screen instruction or follow the below simple steps to open it. And then click OK to authorize the connection.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

Step 3.Choose File Types for Recovery

Next, you can select file types to scan. Unselect all and check the box before Videos to only scan the video files stored on your Google device. Then click on “Next” button to go on.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

Step 4.Scan and Analyze Pixel Phone for Lost Data

There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your Pixel phone during the scan. If you get it, click “Allow” to confirm it. If not, just forget it.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

The program begins to analyze and scan your Google Pixe smartphones.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

Step 5.Preview and Recover Deleted Videos from Google Pixel

In the end, after the scanning is complete, you are allowed to preview the recoverable videos. Mark the ones you need, and hit on “Recover” button to retrieve deleted or lost videos and other contents from your Google Pixel.

get back deleted videos from google pixel

When the recovery process completes, you can easily recover your contacts, text messages, videos, music, call logs, photos, etc from Google Pixel/ Pixel XL. After this data recovery, remember to backup your Google Pixel data regularly.

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