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How Can I Import Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S is the latest mobile phone so far, and with its launch, more and more people give up their old mobile phones including Android phones to buy a new iPhone 6S. At the same time, a lot of people troubled by how to switch your old phone contacts to the new iPhone 6S. This is indeed worthy of attention. Because most of the people will be stored friends, family, or customer contact information in your phone. There is no doubt that you should transfer your contacts to a new phone before you use it. So, the question arises, how you should import the contacts to the new iPhone 6S directly?

First of all, I am very happy to be able to help to you. I am also one of the mobile phone users have encountered this problem. I am also one of the mobile phone users have encountered this problem. However, I soon found a way to solve my troubled. Many of my friends have asked me how to import contacts to a new phone simply like me. Here, I tell you the secret to solve this problem. That is to download a software called Mobile Transfer. With this wonderful software you can import contacts to the new iPhone 6S completely and directly.

Mobile Transfer is a program for data transfer between one phone and other phone. With the help of iPhone to iPhone 6S Contacts TransferMobile Transfer, you can transfer a mobile phone’s photos, videos, text messages, contacts, call records and other data to another mobile phone. These transformations, not only can make the transfer between Android phones and iPhone, but also can be transferred between the Samsung and the iPhone, and so on. Read on and find out the answer.

Free Download the Mobile Transfer:

Three Simple Steps to Import Sim Contacts on old iPhone to iPhone 6S

Step 1 Launch Mobile Transfer on PC After downloading and installing it, the interface will be shown as below.

import sim contacts on iPhone 5s to iPhone 6S

Note: To manage iPhone data, you are required to make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer before. If you haven’t, the interface will remind you to install one before transferring the precious data between Android and iOS.

Step 2 Connect old Android phone and iPhone 6S to PC after launching the program – Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will see your Android phone and iPhone displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right. If you want to change the two ways, you can click “Flip” to easily set your old Android phone as the source device.

Import Contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S plus

Step 3 Copy Contacts between Android phone and iPhone 6s
After both the phone connected well connected, all the data will be listed between the two devices. You can tick the one you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”.

import contacts from sim to iPhone 6s

After that, the contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, etc. that you have chose just now will be transferred into your iPhone 6S. What you need to do is to click “OK” to finish it. Now you can Now you can try the next data transferred.

Free Download the Mobile Transfer:

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