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How to Delete Songs on Your iPhone iPad iPod

“Is it possible for me permanently remove songs on my iPhone 5? After updating to iOS 8, there are so many unnecessary songs appear on my iPhone which has bothered me so much in the recent days. I try to delete them, but does not work. Anyone who can tells me how to permanent delete them from my device, please help me!” Asked by Jackson.

“I am a music aficionado, I like to collect different style of music. However, recently I found that the memory of my iPad is serious insufficient, so I had to delete some of my songs so as to release some space. I just wanna is there any simple way for me to directly delete or permanent delete songs from my iPad on the computer, which gentleman can lend me a helping hand, please?” — Lavigne.

It is a common question for iDevice to remove or permanent delete data from their device. To delete or permanent delete data from iPhone or iPad, the most simple and effective way is using a third party software. As for me, I am very afraid of some cumbersome steps or operations, fortunately, the iOS Data Manager always can save time and effort for me.

iOS Data Manager is a professional yet easy-to-use data management & transfer software, which allows you to transfer data between iPhone iPad iPod and PC/iTunes, direct manage iDevice’s data on computer, direct transfer contacts, media files and more from one iDevice to another. Therefore, you can easily delete your songs from iPhone, iPad and iPod with the help of this iOS Data Manager tool.

Download a trial Windows or Mac version and follow the below article to have a try.

How to Delete Songs on Your iPhone iPad and iPod ?

Part 1 Manage & Delete Songs on Your iOS Devices

Step 1:Launch the iOS Data Manager and connect your iDevice to PC

Step 2:Delete songs on your iPhone iPad or iPod

Once your iPhone iPad or iPod is detected by the program, you can see the information of your device and the found data on your iPhone iPad or iPod. Tap “Media” in the left sidebar, then you can see the detail content on the right panel, tap “Music” at the top column if you are not at the music option.

As you can see, all the songs inside your iDevice are shown now, just mark those what you want to remove, and click “Delete” at the top column of the window to delete with ease.

Note: In this window, you can also export your songs to PC, iTunes or other connected iDevices, and add songs from your PC.

Part 2 Permanent Delete Songs on Your iPhone iPad or iPod

Step 1:Disable iTunes Match

1). Tap “Settings” on your iPhone home screen
2). Tap “iTunes & App Stores”, then find the “iTunes Match” option via scrolling down.
3). Push the button behind the “iTunes Match” to the “OFF” position if it is enabled, so as to prohibit download songs to your device automatically.

Step 2:Turn off “Show All Music”

Some songs appear in Music app with a little Cloud icon beside? It doesn’t matter, you just need to disable the “Show All Music” option.
1). Tap to “Settings” app
2). Scroll down and tap “Music” app
3). Push “Show All Music” to the “OFF” position

Step 3:Delete songs from your iDevice

Open the Music app on your iPhone iPad or iPod. At the bottom, tap “Songs”. Locate a song you want to remove, click from right to left to enable the Delete option. Tap “Delete”.

Note: To permanent delete data incluidng contacts, music, photos, videos, call history, reminders and other personal files on your iPhone iPad and iPod, you can also get more help from the iOS Data Eraser.

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