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How to Delete iPhone Data Without Losing Jailbreak

Many iPhone users will choose to jailbreak theirs device, so as you. Indeed, jailbreak can bring many benefits and convenience. After the jailbreak, iPhone possesses the read and write permissions for the system underlying, so that you can download a world of apps which are not available in Apple App Store, access the iOS system, and change wireless providers and so on. However, jailbreak is not a once and for all, some actions may let you lose the jailbreak features, such as restore your iPhone to factory settings, erase your iPhone data and so on. When facing with a great deal of data need to delete, so, is it possible to delete iPhone data without losing jailbreak.

Yes, you come to the right place. iPhone Data Eraser is a amazing software to clear up all the data including contact, message, call history, calendar, Email, photos, videos, keyboard cache and more on your iPhone iPad and iPod touch without losing jailbreak. What’s more, once you erase your data with this iPhone Data Eraser on your device, they can’t be restored, ensure your personal privacy absolutely safe.

Attention: You’ better make a backup of the important data, so as to avoiding the important data losing.

Now, download the free trial version of iPhone Data Eraser on the computer to have a try.

One Click to Erase Your iPhone Data Without Losing Jailbreak

Step 1:Run the program and connect your iPhone to PC

According to your computer’s OS, download and install the appropriate version, after that, launch it on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to this computer by using an Apple USB cable. If your device is recognized, the program will shows you your iPhone’s information.

iPhone data eraser

Note: A backup is highly suggested since the erasing process isn’t reversible. So you’d better transfer your iPhone data to PC or iTunes before wiping your device.

Step 2:Choose Erase All Data

As you can see, the iPhone Data Eraser provides the comprehensive solutions, you are allowed to “1-click Free Up Spacee”, “Erase Private Data”, “Erase Deleted Files” or “Erase All Data“. Just according to your need and choose one to wipe your iPhone data without losing jailbreak.

erase all iPhone data

Step 3:Type Delete to Confirm

Type “delete” into the box to confirm. Of course if you want to change the security level, you can click the link to change the level. Please read the security level settings carefully.

erase all iPhone data

Step 3:Start Erase Your iPhone Data without Jailbreak

After the scanning process is finished, the software will list all the deleted files. You can click them one by one to preview and tick off the file types which you want to erase in the box. Then click “Erase Now” button to wipe the selected deleted files.

delete data on iPhone

Note: The program apply to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus as well as iPad and iPod touch 4/5, even the lastest iOS 10/9/8.

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