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How to Delete iPhone Data before Selling

As most of the smartphone, the iPhone is equivalent to the microcomputer, plays a very important role in our daily life. you can use your iPhone to make telephone calls, send text messages, chat with friends, take photos & videos, and so on, there are so many important information store in your iPhone memory. So, if you bought a new iPhone or other brands of mobile phones to replace your old iPhone, and planning to resell it to someone, on eBay or second-hand market, please remember to clean up all your iPhone data and settings, in order to protect your personal privacy don’t leak out.

However, in the face of many powerful data recovery software, simple deletion is obvious not enough. Simple deletion and restoring factory settings can not really erase your iPhone data, a special data recovery program can easily recovered deleted files from your iPhone again. Does that mean we have to surrender? Of course no! Thanks to the iPhone Data Eraser or iPhone Data Recovery, our privacy has been the biggest safeguard.

Either iPhone Data Eraser or iPhone Data Recovery is your best choice, which designed to permanently remove junk files, delete all data and settings from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ensure 100% safe and nothing recoverable even using the most professional data recovery software. The program fully compatible with iOS 10/9.3.3/9.3/9.2, and support iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, as well as other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Solution 1. Delete iPhone Data Without Restore

iPhone Data Eraser provides several clear mode to delete iPhone data, you can choose the most suitable model. With iPhone Data Eraser, you just need one click to complete the wiping work. It also works with other iDevices including the latest iOS 10 and iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad mini/New iPad/iPad 2/iPad and more.

Download the free trial version of this program to have a try!

Step 1:Launch the program and connect your iPhone

Launch the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer after installation, then take out your Apple USB cable to connect your iOS device to your computer. As soon as your device is recognized, the primary interface will pop up as the below picture, the information of your iPhone will be shown on the right side at the same time.
permanently wipe iPhone data

Step 2: Permanently erase your iPhone data

As you can see, there are four options providing by the iPhone Data Eraser for you to delete your corresponding iPhone data, they are “Express Cleanup“, “Erase Private Data“, “Erase Deleted Files” and “Erase All Data“, according to your need, you can choose the appropriate option, here, we click “Erase All Data” to enter the erased interface.

permanently wipe iPhone data

First of all, you should choose the security level before erasing all the data on your device, there are three levels you can choose here, they are low, medium and high level, the higher level, the stronger erasure. If you don’t choose, default is medium here.

permanently wipe iPhone data

If everything is OK, please type the word “delete” in the text box to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

delete files on iPhone

Begin analyzing your iPhone for all contents.

erase iphone data without restore

After the scanning process is finished, the iOS Data Eraser will list all the deleted files. You can click them one by one to preview and tick off the file types which you want to erase in the box. Then click “Erase Now” button to erase the selected deleted files.

erase iPhone data

Then the program start wiping all data from your iPhone devices.You will see the completed screen as below once the deletion is finish.

permanently wipe iPhone data

Download the professional iOS Data Eraser and try to wipe all data on your iPhone permanently:

Solution 2. Permanently Delete iPhone Data by iOS Full Data Eraser

To assure yopurself that your data 100% secure you can also try iPhone Data Recovery, which guarantee to permanently delete iPhone data without restore.

– Erase Private Data: selectively delete private iPhone data without restoring.
– Erase All Files: permanently erase everything from iPhone and make it as a new phone.
– Recover iPhone contacts, SMS/iMessages, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp chats, etc.
Recover iPhone lost files due to factory resetting, accidentally deletion, iOS update/jailbreak, etc.
– Support new iOS 10, iPhone 7/SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6/5S/5/4, etc.

Step 1. Launch the Program on Your Computer

To start with, you need to install and launch the iPhone Data Recovery program on your computer after clicking the download icon. Then make a connection between your iPhone 7/SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 devie and computer. Choose “iOS Full Data Eraser” from “More Tools” function.

Delete iPhone Data before Selling

Step 2. Start Deleting iPhone Data

Next, your iPhone device will be detected by the program, then you can directly click the “Erase” button to begin the data eraser process.

Delete iPhone Data before Selling

Nothing is recoverable, it is necessary to type on “delete” to confirm your action.

Delete iPhone Data before Selling

Step 3. Completely Delete iPhone Data without Restore

The program will clean everything from your iPhone device.

Delete iPhone Data before Selling

The data ersaing process is complete. Your iPhone like a new one.

Delete iPhone Data before Selling

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